7 things every daughter-in-law wants to tell her mother-in-law!

If you were to go by the saas-bahu soaps, you sure will know how tricky a relationship this one can be. Blame it on television; mother-in-laws are always looked upon as women who are not likable and the same holds true even with daughter-in-laws. However, at the end of it all, no matter how hard, how happy or how sad, we need to put up with all of it, at least for the man we are married to. And dear mother-in-law we don’t really hate you, but we would love for you to know a few things.

So, here’s what every woman secretly wishes she could tell her mom-in-law!

1. Your son has a mind of his own

Firstly, not everything your son says is instructed by me. I am not an instruction manual, so to say and he is no new born to follow my commandments without a second thought. So, give him some credit and know that he is old enough to make his own decisions.

2. I know to handle my kids

I agree you had kids before me and you brought them up well (at least according to you). But, please remember that I have my own way of teaching or disciplining my kids and what worked for you might not work for me. And you know the maternal instincts you had when your son was born? I have them too! So let me follow mine, even if it not exactly what you did when you had your son.

3. I have a life too

Apart from being a mother, I have other goals in life too. My parents did not educate me just so I breastfeed or clean baby poop better than others. So, in case I am giving a little less attention to my kids because of work, I don’t think you need to judge me. Also, I think my kids will grow up to respect me more if I am working and parenting.  

4. Please don’t trust your relatives blindly

You know how they are! I don’t mean to say they are all bad, but they definitely don’t wish us good. So don’t listen to everything they say, and give me the benefit of doubt.

5. I am ok with sharing my man

Yes, I am! I am not the kind who feels my husband should not continue being your son. However, don’t expect him to choose between us all the time. It does put that poor guy under too much tension and might only make it worse for both you and me!

6. I don’t really hate you

No, I don’t! I admit I might not love you as much as I love my mom, but I do respect you. After all, you gave birth to the man I love. So don’t doubt that or wage a war with me all the time.

7. I know I am not perfect

Just like your son, I have flaws too. And I would love for you to correct me rather than talking about it behind my back. Trust me, I truly want to change what you don’t like about me and your feedback to me directly is the only thing that will help.  

Feature Image Source: Dainik Bhaskar