7 Signs that you are a Helicopter parent

helicopter parents- Parenting resources by ZenParent

We are a generation that is quite different from the generation that raised us. We belong to a generation where our parents knew which class we studied in, and the name of the school. Our generation is so involved in our kids’ lives that we insist on knowing our child’s best friend’s mom’s office address.  But of course there are varying degrees and it is true that some of us “hover” more than others over our children (hence the term helicopter parent). But what are the signs that you have become a basket case of helicopter parenting 🙂

1. Make all decisions : Be it the backpack for school or the shirt for Diwali, you believe you know what is best for your child and he/she is too young to make any decisions by himself. .

2. Too much guilt – Helicopter parents usually feel extra guilty which kind of makes them over indulge the children. They would be ready to buy toys and gizmos at the first sign of tears from the child.

helicopter parents- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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3. Friend filter – You insist on knowing every detail about every friend that your child makes and want to have a say in who should be your child’s friend. You encourage your child to be friends with the kids who do academically well so that their influence will rub off on your child!

4. Homework buddy: You are your child’s homework buddy and exam buddy. He/she cannot do either without you around as support. You make half or more of your child’s projects and you cannot wait for them to be graded so that you can find out how you did.

helicopter parents- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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5. Playground monitor: You watch your child as he plays with friends. If there is a fight, you promptly jump in and try to protect your child and solve the issues.

6. Rescue squad: Your child forgot his project at home? You run to the bus stop to give it to him or drive to his school to drop it off. Whatever kind of trouble your child gets into, you promptly rescue him/her from it.

7. Braggart: You can’t stop bragging about your child’s accomplishments and you also secretly (or overtly) believe that you are almost entirely responsible for it.

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If you find that you have many of the above mentioned symptoms, you may want to dial it back a little and allow your child to spread his wings . Let him/her make a few decision in his life. Making one’s own decision is one of the most empowering things a child can do and training them to be independent needs to start at home where they can mistakes in the comfort of your home. Every parents wants the best for their child but sometimes in our quest to be the perfect parent, we could forget that our child just wants to be one 🙂

If you’re shielding your child too much, answer these questions and try and balance things out.

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