7 Signs Your Newborn Is Overheating

Now that the scorching sun is beating down on the country, it is important to know if you may be inadvertently overheating your baby. Over covering to room temperature, whatever be the cause, Here are seven warning signs never to ignore.

Source : Curejoy

1. Dampness

Touch your baby’s head, neck, chest and back. If you find it warm/hot or sweaty then remove a layer of their clothes and adjust the temperature of the room. If your baby doesn’t go back to normal in sometime then check his body temperature. A temperature over 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit means your baby has a fever. Fevers are usually a sign of infection so consult your paediatrician immediately.

2. Constant Crying

Infants use crying to communicate their problems to us. If your baby is crying loudly despite being fed and having a clean diaper, then check his temperature. If your attempts to calm him down don’t work, this could be a sign of distress. A slight temperature along with a cranky baby could mean your baby is overheating. Cool them down by adjusting the temperature in the room and removing any extra layers of clothing they have on.

3. Frequent Vomiting

Nausea and vomiting are tell-tale signs of heat stroke. If your baby is vomiting frequently but is not sick otherwise, they might be overheating. Wipe them down with a damp cloth immediately to bring down their body temperature and rush them to the doctor. If you don’t already have your paediatrician on speed dial, then it’s about time you did.

4. Restlessness

If your baby is restless and won’t sleep no matter what you do, then it might be a symptom of overheating. Sometimes it could also accompanied with dry skin. However, these signs can also be because of other problems like being too cold, so always maintain an optimal temperature in your room.

5. Excessive Redness

Babies get red when they’re feeling hot, which is usually normal. But if your baby is too red too often, this might be a cause for concern. It’s always safe to consult a pediatrician soon if the redness is combined with other symptoms like vomiting or a fever.

6. Lack Of Energy

If your baby seems too tired or lethargic and is not reacting to your touch or tickles then they might be overheating. Check their temperature and remove a layer of their clothes if necessary. In rare cases babies might even faint if they get overheated. Wipe their face, hands and feet with cold water and rush them to a doctor.

7. Increased Heart Rate

It takes a lot of effort for babies to cool off if they are overheating. This extra workload on their heart makes it beat faster. If your baby’s heart is beating faster than usual, try cooling them immediately until it goes back to normal.