7 Signs your body is ready for baby making!

Science and technology has made many options available for women to conceive easily these days. However, no matter the method, finding out when you are ovulating is key to conceiving. And for those of you who were sleeping in your Bio class, ovulation is the where your ovaries release one egg, ready to be fertilized by the sperm. Although sperms can live for long, eggs are viable only for 12 hours after they are released.

So, if you are trying to conceive and improve the odds of having a baby, it is important you learn the signs of ovulation. Here are some tell- tale signs you are ovulating and need to have sex right now!

1.  You feel extra horny

No, we are not saying this just like that. There is science backing that women have increased sexual desires during ovulation. Also, sperms can hang in there for up to 7 days. So, ladies, make the best use of this period.

2.  Your underwear has discharge

It is not abnormal for women to have discharge even otherwise, but during ovulation, things are very different. Your vaginal discharge is clear, watery and stretchy- very similar to the consistency of raw egg white. This is called the cervical mucus and excess of this only makes it easier for the sperms to find their way.

3.  Your breasts feel different

Pain on your nipples and areas surrounding it, is one of the best signs of ovulation. The hormonal changes cause this and the soreness is something you just can’t ignore. Also, make sure you let your partner know about it so that you can avoid any nipple related foreplay. 

4.  You are hot

Well, you always might be, but the progesterone surge during ovulation causes a sudden spike in the basal body temperature. So, be prepared for hot flushes and of course, don’t miss out to get naughty between the sheets.

5.  Your cervix is high

The position of your cervix raises a little during ovulation. And how can you know this? The only way is to feel it yourself. Just slide in your finger and you will feel a protruding nub. This is your body’s way of saying its ready to make a baby.

6.  Mark your calendar

Doctors say its ideal to make love every other day if you are trying to conceive. And the 5 days before you ovulate, also called the fertile window, can only better your chances. Plus, sperms can survive longer, so its ideal to have them waiting for your egg.

7.  Ask your doctor

Last, but definitely not the least, some women don’t ovulate as per calendar. If your cycles are irregular or if your ovulation does not happen as per the calendar, don’t shy away from taking your doctor’s help.  

Feature image source: babycentre.com