7 Myths about weight loss after you turn 30

Welcome to the terrific thirties! It is that decade when our bodies develop a mind of their own and nothing we do seems to convince them to get into those skinny jeans again. Dull panic setting in, we stand up and shoot arrows in the dark, expecting to hit the weight loss bulls-eye. But what we tend to forget, is that snapping into shape in the thirties is a totally different ball game, often surrounded by misconceptions that blur our weight loss goals.


So here some myths about losing weight after 30 that need some serious quashing.

Myth 1: I did a bit of yoga in my twenties and lost weight. The same formula should help me shed those pounds now

This is what I told my fitness instructor recently and she threw two words into the air - metabolism and hormones. In our twenties, we could wolf down greasy meals and still maintain our waistlines with little exercise. Enter 30 and the body's metabolism takes a chill pill, thus slowing down its ability to burn calories like before. Enter pregnancy and add another speed breaker to your metabolism. So, the same exercise regime doesn't hold good anymore. It's time for change.

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Myth 2: If I crash diet, I will surely get rid of that flab

Turning to fancy diets for quick weight loss is so tempting. South Beach diet, Ice cream diet, Kate Middleton diet, what-Shilpa-Shetty-ate diet; they're all over the Internet. But crash diets and fad diets are not only unhealthy, they're dangerous. The results are short term as honestly, we're bound to give these up quickly. They also deprive the body of important nutrients. Restricting the intake of unhealthy foods (we know which these are) and exercising are the only ways to go.

Myth 3: I do so much cardio, I’m going to lose weight in no time

You're swimming and sprinting, dancing all day long and losing energy, but still look like a deflated balloon. This is because in the thirties, we tend to lose something called muscle mass and this stuff is said to be responsible for a balanced, toned look. While cardio is important, the combination of cardio and strength is what we need to do to hang on to that muscle and build up a strong core.


Myth 4: Snacking is bad for me
On the contrary, snacking is actually helpful. It nudges Mr. Metabolism to get up to speed and restricts our portion sizes. It also allows us to take in a variety of nutrition through the day instead of trying to cram it all in 3 meals. You know who will probably vouch for this one? Your toddler.

Myth 5: If I skip meals/carbs, my tummy fat will disappear
The husband tried this once. For a whole month, he would find excuses to skip breakfast and leave out the carbs in an attempt to lose the tire. His crazy schedule prevented him from exercising as well. The result? His belt became tighter. Skipping meals or food groups in the thirties slows down that villain metabolism further and piles on the pounds. Also, whole grain carbs aren't bad. It's the refined ones that we need to leave out and eat what we call, ‘balanced diet.’



Myth 6: I can eat whatever I want because I exercise
Ahem! This may have been true in your twenties, but we have to kind of watch what we eat in the thirty plus years if we want to bust that flab, even if we're exercising right. That doesn't mean needing calculate the calories on the plate every time; it means you being aware you’re eating clean and healthy.

Myth 7: Losing weight after turning 30 is not possible
Aha, the mother of all myths! Yes, shedding weight with changing hormones and lower calorie-burning ability is tough. But don’t always blame the poor genes. Just find the exercise routine that works for you, get that body moving and let these myths drop away with those pounds.

By Preeti Athri