7 Most Trendy Hairstyles for Little Boys

You have shopped for colorful beads, satin bows & bands, and cute trinkets for your daughter to dress up her hair in creative ways but do you draw a blank when it’s time for your son? What can one do is what you must be thinking. A routine trip to the salon and a regular cut is the most your little boy can have in the name of being trendy. But enter! The celebrity kids with their stylists working hard to match up to their looks with those of their popular parents and lo! The rest of us have a variety of trendy cuts for our cute little imps for every occasion and mood that local barbers can replicate with ease and perfection.

Next time your son is due for his haircut to have a little chat with the barber and discover the amazing options you have.

1. The naughty boy/Sporty look-

Not restricted to the mischievous ones only, this cut requires a slightly longer length of hair on the crown whereas the hair on the sides is cropped short. The strands in the middle of the head are then spiked up to make your little boy look like the smarty of the year. Remember David Beckham? This cut adds length to the face and is ideal for boys with small /broad faces.

2. The Beatles look-

Go for this cut if your son has a long & lean face that you wished looks a little fuller and if you are wondering how to manage that soft heavy mane of hair that refuses to stay put and keeps falling over the face. The Beatles look allows hair to fall on the forehead and yet not interfere with the eyes. And it makes your son look like the most adorable kid around.

3.The ruffled look-

Once again very well suited for long and thin faces and a good option when your son does not have the straight slinky hair for the Beatles cut. This cut involves growing the length of the hair a little more than the usual it is for boys and shaping it into a well-contained ruffled/disheveled look that adds volume to the face as well as makes your kid look like the one who is always active and ready for some action.

4. The studious look-

Ah! How we wish this cut would make our boys study as much too ;). But how about being satiated with just the look for now. One of the most popular cuts with the boys involving a side parting and hair combed neatly on both sides, it suits all boys and is also dubbed as the nerdy/60 s look, which makes boys appear very studious, dedicated and responsible. Wow!

5. The army crew /summer cut:

Most boys hate its non-glamorous and simple look while all mothers love it for its hassle-free execution. The perfect cut for summers and humid places, it is also sported by all the army officers and makes your kid look like a tough one too.

6. The corporate look-

Now here’s a look most mothers would love their sons to have. This cut has chic layers of well-cut hair either combed back or falling handsomely on the kid’s forehead. And can be spiced up further with some kids’ hair gel or simply some hair oil and do I need to say anything more if your kid wears glasses too?

7. The Party look-

This look includes a range of various cuts that involve making patterns on the side of the head, which has very short-cropped hair, like crossed or curved lines, while the hair on the crown remains a little longer. Though these cuts have taken a while to be warmed up to and were previously the domain of rock and pop stars, kids now have the ability to carry off this look very well and rock.

So head out to that salon and let your little boy charm everyone with his smart and trendy makeover. Why should girls have all the fun always? Boys can be stylish too! 

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