7 habits Parents need to break out of

Image source : Dollarphotoclub.comFrom hygiene to education to manners, we parents are very conscious about instilling good habits in our children because we know good habits contribute to a good life. However, have we ever given thought to the bad habits that we as parents need to break out off? The things we do without conscious thought which might be setting bad examples for our children. Here are some habits some of us may need to lose!1. Hating your own body: We all have our body image issues, but do not talk about it in front of your kids. If you do, they could grow up with the impression that their body is not perfect enough too. Focus on exercising, exercise with your children, eat healthy and  refrain from bad mouthing yourself.2. Making empty threats: We all love to make threats to our children to feel powerful. You better do this... or else… But most of the times it is just too hard to carry out the consequences and we either forget or don’t care enough to follow through. This is the worst discipline mistake you can make as your child will soon learn that you are making empty threats. Keep the consequence for bad behaviour simple, and follow through!3. Bullying: We are big and we can shout down our children or even physically hit them. But it is only a matter of time before they will refuse to take your bullying and it can have some pretty serious consequences on their self esteem and even regard for you. Dial it down or better still, cut it out!4. Comparing: This is a favourite with many of us. Oh, look at Preethi next door- Her mom says she does her homework without anyone prompting her. Comparing is the worst habit parents have which can really be unfair to your child. Let us resist the urge to make our kids feel that they are never going to be good enough.5. Being semi-present: It is the age of the smartphone and it has become an extension of many of our bodies. If you have decided to spend time with your kid, spend it earnestly without constantly checking your messages etc.  Put the phone away and be fully present for your child because they know whether dad is mentally  "present" or not.6. Over Indulgence: It can be hard to say no to your child. But if it is your habit to never say  'NO' to your child, you could be setting up your child with unreal expectations out of life. Make them earn some of their wants and give them a healthy dose of “NOs” to keep a balance.7. Use Labels: Some of us tend to refer to people as “the fat one”; “the fair one”; “the dark one” “the short one “ – Labeling people sends the child the signal that it is ok to judge and comment on people purely on their looks. It also makes them extra conscious of society judging them by their looks. Get out of the habit of labelling.