7 Funny yet embarrassing things no one tells you about sex!

It’s not always that sex is sizzling or sensuous. It can be humpy too! In fact, very little is said or heard about what happens in between the sheets and if you did not know, the real action can be awkward, hilarious and embarrassing.

If your sex life is peppered with these hilarious instances, don’t feel left out. It happens to all!

1. That lockjaw

Blow job is a long process! And with your mouth open for that long, your jaws are bound to get locked and you suddenly are ready to move to the next big phase.

2. When you cannot orgasm

The foreplay was fine, the positions were all right, and on the whole it was all good, but you know you are not going to orgasm. In fact, its not always that women can climax. Sometimes, you might just wait, wait and keep waiting and the explosion might just not happen!

3. When your penis just won’t stay hard!

Just like how some women cannot get down and dirty without a lubricant, men have their bad days too. You have this hot, sexy woman lying naked in front of you but your dear D just won’t stand hard? Well, we know how embarrassing it can be for both of you. But, hey it’s not on all days that everything happens right. That’s life! Just grab some food and watch your favourite show and you will forget all about your previous placid situation!

4. Having sex, when you least expect it!

It’s not always that sex is planned! Sometimes it just happens and might even happen when all is not bright and beautiful. You might be in your granny panties, you might not have shaved, you might not have showered or even worse you might be expecting your period! Now you sure know what we are talking about, don’t you?

5. Fumbling with a bra

No matter how experienced you are, this one is something that is bound to happen to all men at some point! Just when things are getting heated up, and your lady love is waiting to get naked, you hit that one enigma-machine-level bra that just wouldn’t come off.

6. Getting gassy

This is one thing we all have faced and probably been embarrassed to death! Holding a burp is never easy, especially when you are the middle of some serious sexercise. Well, the only thing you can possibly do is to make it sound like a loud, throaty moan!

7. Figuring out where it landed

He came and you have no idea where it landed! Your wall, carpet, bed sheet, your clothes, you clean every nook and corner. Or even worse, you exactly know where it landed- your eyes, face, lips and you feel super disgusted!  

Feature Image Source: www.rd.com