7 Fun things to do with your family Everyday

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The modern life is a hectic one. Everybody has packed schedules running to or from some place. Everybody is governed by deadlines and perennially dying for a vacation. And suddenly you realize- "Oh my God! My toddler is now a teen... where did the time speed by?"  Here are a few things you can do EVERYDAY to make sure that every day counts and you live consciously to maximize those moments with your children.1. Eat dinner together: We all know it... “The family that eats together stays together”. Husband wants to go to the gym, wife wants to catch up on that TV time, kids want to watch Disney channel, Teen says, “Not hungry- will eat later”… and everyone ends up eating at different times during the evening. But let us make an effort- if all days are not possible, at least 2/3 times a week make a plan to eat together. TV off. Phones on mute. Just the family hanging out together.2. Bedtime walks: While this can be a challenge with late night conference calls, homework pressures etc, try to schedule a family night walk (say on Fri. nights or weekend nights). It is a great time at the end of the day, when everyone is relaxed, nowhere to run to and just spend time together in the relative quietness of the night.3. Write love notes: Of course we love our kids. But do we tell them often enough? Slide a cute note into your daughter’s lunch box, snack box, pencil box-... anything with a smiley and tell them you love them.

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4. 5 minute Snuggle: I suddenly woke up to the fact that my daughter who used to keep crawling back to my bed has stopped doing that. She is now very comfortable in her own bed and the snuggle time just evaporated. So I have decided that I will snuggle up with her on her bed, 5 minutes before she needs to be woken up for school. It is a nice way to start the day!5. Play music: Music bonds people. When all of you are running around in the morning, play some songs in the background – Tomorrow when your kids hear these songs, it will bring back a flood of memories of the time spent at home.6. Fun Rituals : Create small fun rituals- On cold winter mornings when the kids have to get out of the house at 7 am, a warm shirt is a delight- We have the kids stand near us as we quickly iron the uniform and hand it over to them so that they can wear it immediately and feel warm. They love it and come running when we shout “who wants a hot shirt”. Think of a fun ritual that you can do every day to add a little bit of brightness to your life. I try to feed my kids healthy food and we don’t keep junk around the house. But we created something called “Junk Fridays”- When they come back from school on Fridays; it would be a total gorge on all thinks unhealthy- chips, chocolate, soda, fried salty food- whatever their hearts delight.Kids love junk Fridays- they wake up a Friday morning with a 'Yay, its Junk Friday today '!7. Easy fun dinners: So it is dinner time and it is the same Dal chawal- But, move the chairs away and spread a bed spread over the table so that it reaches the ground. Go under the table and light a candle in the centre (with a cover over the candle- please don’t create a fire hazard) and have a candle lit tent dinner under your dining table. Kids will love it. Same food, but eat it in the balcony or your roof top and make it a moon light picnic night.Our lives are all about making memories. Before we know it, we will be empty nesters and all we would have are these beautiful memories that we create with our children. So if you feel that your family is running crazy with tight schedules, pause for a moment and create rituals of bonding which would enrich your lives.Click here to know how to bond better as a couple for your child's happiness...Featured Image Source