7 Benefits A Single Parent Enjoys Without Even Knowing

Being a single parent may seem to be the new norm but this doesn’t mean it’s easy. As if raising children is not enough, you need to support the family all by yourself.

While circumstances can differ from one home to another, raising a child alone will be twice as hard for you than two-parent families.

The stats are against you too, data from Witherspoon Institute reveals 66 percent of children from single-parent families live below the poverty line.

So much for the bleak side of being a single parent, luckily, there are benefits to solely raising your child.

1. You Call All the Shots

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Perhaps the best thing in being the only adult in the family is having your way all the time.

When you have a spouse, you consult each other on how to raise the kids. It’s impossible not to argue about discipline, outlook, and schooling at times.

When you have a partner, you need to agree on the ways to raise your kids. And, it is necessary to show a united front lest the kids get really confused.

When you are a single parent, you have the authority to implement what you think is the best for your kids. There’s no need to hold a “meeting” after your kids have gone to bed.

It might sound like dictatorship but it’s definitely more straightforward if you are the only one making the decisions on how your kids are raised.

2. You Become a More Responsible Adult

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Unfortunately, developing into an adult doesn’t guarantee that you have a good sense of responsibility. When you are a single parent though, being responsible is a survival instinct.  

Since you are making all the decisions for your child’s future, you need to take responsibility for it. Your newly developed sense of responsibility does not end with kids, it involves money matters too.

Life is tough on any parent. Unless you come from a rich family, a single parent’s life is even harder financially.

If finance is a challenge, there are grants for single mothers that can help you to tide through your parenthood.

3. You Have a Greater Chance of Maintaining Your Figure

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Did you know you could pack at least five pounds more in the first year of marriage? A study revealed wedded bliss has a way of increasing the figure in the weighing scale.

By the tenth year of marriage, the average weight gain is 54 pounds. From this data, single parents are more likely to be more fit than their married counterparts.

Maintaining weight when you are single has been linked to the ability to attract a mate. Well, that could be one way to look at it.

Single parents have much more to do than two parent families. With no one else to rely on to do anything, you work harder and lose weight in the process. It is inevitable.

When you are a single parent, you need to be fit for health reasons. When you are the sole adult in the family, getting sick can take a toll on your finances –looking hot is just a bonus.

4. Your Kids Know Independence is Not a Bad Thing

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It could be tough being a single mom. But no matter how hard things are, you can’t give up because you are your child’s mother.

This can put a lot of pressure on you though. You need get your act together and stop brooding after a relationship gone south.

Your kids are looking up to you. How you carry yourself will have a huge effect on how they turn out to be.

Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to be the perfect parent but you need to show them you can take on whatever obstacle life throws your way. And you know what you are doing.

5. You Get to Spend More Quality Time with Your Kids

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When you are a single parent, you naturally have to spend every waking moment with your kids, especially if you work at home.

Even if you have joint custody, the kids will still spend more time with you when you are the custodian.

When you are a single parent, your focus is no longer divided between your spouse and the kids. It’s just all about you and the kids now.

Remember to take time out and spend quality time with them.

When was the last time you sat down to talk with your children? Or watched a movie with them?

If you can’t recall spending time to just have fun together, you need to work on that. Remember your kid’s world revolve around you too.

6. You Motivation to Succeed Is Much Higher

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Just because you are a single parent doesn’t mean you become destitute. You need to make ends meet.

When you are the sole earner, you become even more motivated to succeed for yourself and your children.

With your kids’ future in your hands, you will find ways to get on with life, provide for your kids and work out a schedule that gives you enough flexibility to be there for your family. You are a superhero. Your motivation to succeed is stronger than anyone else and that’s a good thing.

7. You have a Big Passionate Community of Single Mothers That Understand You

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Being a solo parent means having more time to hang out with your girl pals. With the increasing number of single moms, it’s easy to meet others like you that understand your needs.

You might not have a spouse to talk to when you are frustrated but you have a community of single parents who can extend that moral support.

Plus, your kids get to meet children with the same family situation too.

Single parenthood is one challenging experience for anyone. While the road ahead is tough, there are a lot of enjoyable milestones along the way. Stay positive!

When you look at all the perks about going solo, you’ve got to admit it’s worth it too. Good job!