7 Basic Good Habits Every Parent Should Teach their Growing Kids as early as possible

I have been a parent for close to 13 years now.  In my journey of looking after my kids and raising them; I can say that I have realized that as we nurture our children with a positive outlook and a humble attitude and try to help them become a good human being as they grow up; it all mainly depends on how early we parents begin teaching them some good habits. It is rightly said that habits, when adapted by an individual over a long period of time, are more like second skin to him/ her.  With my experience regarding this, I would like to share a few good habits, that my children and I have managed to inculcate in our daily lives and which, not only have helped them immensely but me as well.

1. Brushing teeth twice a day- Right from the time my kids started teething, I ensured they brush their teeth twice a day and rinse their mouth after each meal. This has prevented them to have any teeth trouble so far!

2. Waking up and sleeping on time- While it’s no rocket science and every mom knows it; still the reiteration is necessary as kids who sleep and wake up on a particular time daily have more concentration as sufficient sleep helps them stay fresh all day; thereby, keeping them more energized to manage daily tasks happily!

3. Daily study time- Be it half a chapter or exam, I have always ensured that my kids follow a study time daily. It varies from class they are in, but daily revision of chapters is mandatory.  This prevents last minute hassles during exams and helps them to understand the subjects better.

4. Having a fixed play time daily- In this day and age of gadgets, the play time of the kids has as such reduced. But I have made it clear to my kids that daily dose of play and exercise is essential for their good health and it helps in bonding more with their friends.

5. Having healthy meals at fixed time- My kids, like all the other kids, are fussy about few vegetables but they are supposed to have certain healthy foods that are good for their overall health, even if they don’t prefer having them! Once in a while, a treat here and there is no harm but all in all, I try that they stay on solid food items and a nutritious diet. This regular practice has eventually helped them eat necessary products on a regular basis without any trouble.  Like I said, they do indulge in enjoying outside food once in a while but otherwise they have to finish what is prepared.

6. Breakfast is essential- Kids or adults; none should leave for home without having breakfast. This is a habit that I had inculcated in my kids since the time they were toddlers.  A good breakfast, as we all know, gives a good start! With ample energy stored in our bodies because of good food; we will be able to work and concentrate better for the entire day and that too- without feeling drained out!

7. Be thankful, respectful and polite- We all want our kids to have good values. Like all the other moms, I try my best to inculcate the basic good values in my kids. Being level-headed helps us build good friendships with others and mutual respect, and gratitude are a must too! However, it’s also important to make children understand that being nice doesn’t mean that anyone can walk all over them! It’s at times like these when they should voice their concerns and resolve such issues immediately and if they aren’t able to do so by their own; seeking a loved one’s help (you or someone reliable) should be the instant action to be undertaken.

Remember, once habitual of something, forever are we prone to not changing those habits easily. So why not start early and help our kids gain a good approach in life!

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