6 wonderful reasons you should read to your child

6 wonderful reasons you should read to your child - ZenParent
I clearly remember the time my mother would read to us under a dim yellow light before she put us to bed; the books she read to us varied but were mainly short stories that had a moral. They had colourful pictures in them; some of them I distinctively remember to date, because we held onto those books until recently and then passed them on to our relatives who had little ones. As we outgrew our bedtime reading habit we found ourselves embracing Enid Blyton, Nancy Drew, The Famous Five et al followed by some classics from the school library. We then graduated to literary masterpieces (read Shakespeare) and slightly mature books by Paulo Coelho, Jeffery Archer, Arundhati Roy and so on. If there was one thing that made me a book lover and got me reading was this little shared activity that my mother engaged us in. It enabled me to develop a taste for reading, therefore making me an imaginative and creative person who chooses reading over spending hours watching TV.

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I probably never thought about it until I saw my friend read to her two-something-year-old boy. It made me realise that this little habit, which is exercised between the parent and a child, is definitely important as it shapes the overall personality. That apart, here’s a larger list of why you should do it.

It’s a great way to share quality time with your little one at the end of the day, especially if you are a working parent and do not get enough time to spend with your toddler. This may seem like a great exercise to do as it will help you bond and make up for the lost time .spend quality time with kids during sleep - ZenParent

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Reading to your child builds their imagination, enhances concentration, and improves communication, language and speaking skills as they are introduced to words at a tender age. Children tend to grasp easily and familiarising them to new words and grammar at this age will prove beneficial in the long run, at least you are assured that they will never type "lyk dis" ever!

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Asking them to contribute to the story and complete the sentences every now and then will keep them interested in the habit. Do appreciate them when they do it. Showing them pictures from the book will help them draw context to real life situations.Reverse the action and make your child read to you as he/she grows older.This habit could turn your children into readers quite early, thus making them realise that reading is fun and is better than watching television or playing video games as it lets their minds imagine what their eyes can’t see in a book.A good book will always leave a good influence on your life. The same applies to children, as they grow older they would be able to inculcate logic and better judgement in their lives depending on the books they read.It’s a great way to put them to sleep because this method will calm their minds as against letting them watch TV or play with other gadgets right before bed.

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