6 ways your marriage becomes better after the first child

life post baby- Parenting resources by ZenParent
Let’s face it. Nearly everyone out there is telling you how a baby brings so much strain into a marriage. So much of that is really true. The mom’s time is consumed by this new life and more often than not, unless he’s very hands on, the dad feels left out from everything. Here’s what people aren’t actually telling you but you need to hear – how your marriage becomes so much stronger after your first child. Yeah, now we’re talking –1. Respect thy woman even more. Nothing changes the respect that a man has a woman forever like childbirth. Witnessing a woman go through labor and delivery to bring in a child to this world is life changing.2. United we stand. Through parenting and all the decisions, you’re a united front. You often don’t bicker like you used to simply cos' you’re exhausted. Or want to set a good example to your child. Either way, through doctor’s appointments, vaccinations, school meets and sports day, you try to present a united front or at least split it so that you can both be there for your child.

life after baby- Parenting resources by ZenParent

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3. Old fights RIP. Gone are the days you had the time to fight about who’s turn it was to do the dishes. Heck, you’ve got a stash of paper plates for this occasion. Things are put in to perspective and you realize that a true partnership isn’t always about who takes out the trash. It could be about who burps the baby in the middle of the night too.4. Date night is back. You both want it now more than ever – the opportunity to reconnect and feel like yourselves. The excitement in planning, and following through is only second to your first days of marriage or dating. This new lease on romance never fails to impress.5. Sex is better. Yes, you did read that right. I mean, simply from the limited opportunity, the times that you do get to do it, are precious. So yes, forbidden fruit is sweeter.6. Love thy partner. You may have fallen in love with your husband before or after marriage. But it’s a new kind of hormonal, prolactin fueled love that happens when you see the man in your life cradle your tot in his arms, or that adoring way in which he tells her a story. You’re seeing a new tenderness you never knew he had and that only amplifies the love between the two of you too.Read more on how happier couples raise happier kids...Featured Image Source