6 ways to handle your attention seeking child

attention seeking child can be tamed- Parenting resources by ZenParent
By now everyone understands that we humans are energy beings, who need energy to survive and thrive. Most people understand that we receive this energy from sunlight, air, water, food and thoughts. And a few people also understand that we receive energy through human attention – where attention goes, energy flows. That’s the reason we all seek attention.Children seek attentionChildren are natural attention seekers. They need a lot of energy because they expend a lot of energy. If you do not pay enough attention to them, they will do something that will surely ‘draw’ your attention. Yes, your children know you more than you know yourself!Ways of seeking negative attentionSome of the ways of drawing your attention could be:-1. Screaming2. Shouting3. Crying4. Fighting5. Hitting6. Sulking7. Carrying tales8. Breaking things9. Making noise10. Behaving badly

control your child from becoming an attention seeker- Parenting resources by ZenParent

11. Not eating12. Eating too much13. Not sleeping14. Sleeping too much15. Falling sick16. Disobeying17. Rebelling18. Being ‘bad’19. Earning rebuke20. Showing offWays of drawing positive attentiona. Clowning or being funnyb. Excelling at somethingc. Displaying talentd. Obeyinge. Being ‘good’f. Earning praisePositive Vs. Negative energyWhile both positive and negative attention make the energy flow towards the child, the negative attention depletes the parental energy and still leaves the child unfulfilled. The positive attention, on the other hand, nourishes both – the giver as well as the receiver. It also promotes all round excellence in both.How to convert negative attention into positive attention?There is only one way to do it. STOP paying any attention to the negative behavior and START paying extra attention to the positive behavior! If the child will not receive any attention for a particular behavior, they will stop indulging in it. (It is like leaving a job if you are not paid any salary for doing it.) It may not happen overnight, because they will test you again and again. But if you can refrain from paying any attention – whatsoever – very soon the child will give up on that behavior.At the same time, you MUST find something good about that child’s behavior/ being to pay extra attention to. Because the child still NEEDS energy that only attention can give. If you withdraw attention altogether, the child will not be able to survive/thrive. You have to give attention, but with awareness – consciously choosing the behavioral aspects that you would like to encourage in your child.Is it easily doable?No, it is not. It will take co-operation between all the adults present in the child’s life – including the teachers. It will take collective effort at all levels to refrain from offering negative attention. It will take a tremendous amount of patience and TRUST – trust in yourself, trust in your child, and trust in the Universe. But the results will be well worth it. They will pay dividends all through your child’s life. This investment of your time, energy and patience will be far superior to any other investment that you might make to secure your child’s future – and to ensure their lifelong success.Try it. It’s worth it!!