6 ways to cheer up your sad child

Parents usually want to pull out their hair in exasperation when kids are up to a lot of mischief but feel strangely lost when their otherwise chirpy and bouncy kids are unusually quiet, grumpy and have restricted themselves to a room or a corner of the house. It happens all the time and parents really don’t need to hit the panic button. Maybe they are only having a bad day and with a little help from parents, can start feeling better again.1. Help kids bring it out- Kids hesitate talking about their problems to parents sometimes, wondering how parents will react. So sitting beside them and letting them feel your calm & reassuring presence helps. This gives kids the confidence to open up and share what’s on their minds. But a word of caution there is to listen and not be judgemental or critical as this will make them retract into their shells again.2. Shift Focus- Setbacks affect kids more than we realise and sometimes, all they need for them to cheer up is to be reminded about their achievements and high moments. Talking and reminiscing about them together with kids can be the best balm for the bruised self- confidence. This can definitely bring a smile on the their faces again. I have personally observed that browsing through his early childhood photos with my son, warms him up immediately.

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3. Way to kids’ hearts are also through their tummies- Cooking your kids’ favourite dishes is a great way to enhance their moods. And enjoying the same with them is like an icing on the cake. It’s fine even if kids prefer junk food (which they usually do) as it’s only for a day. According to medical sciences, a bar of chocolate and /or a glass of smoothie are instant mood lifters as they help release the happy hormones called Endorphins.4. Get some fresh air- A game or an outdoor activity helps to put back the zing in the mood. It also helps kids release their pent up emotions in a positive and constructive way. Going for a walk, cycling, playing badminton or any other ball game should do the trick.

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5. Call their friends over- Well sometimes how much ever they try, parents just don’t seem to have the same effect as friends. So inviting a few of their friends for an impromptu gathering can produce the results that parents hope to see.6. Give kids their space and time- Now while, this may be the most difficult thing for parents to do, it is important for kids to have some time to themselves to reflect and come to terms with their current situation. Parents can gently offer some support but if kids insist on being left alone for a while there is no harm. Of course parents can look over them from time to time.

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Human personalities are complex and in kids the complexity is at its peak. As parents we need to be a little aware of what works with our kids and what doesn’t and based on that knowledge the above tips can be used to dissipate the situation, instead of aggravating it.Click here to know more about how to raise a happy child... Featured Image Source