6 Ways to build your Child’s vocabulary

Communication is one of the most important skills  that your child needs to master through the school years and vocabulary plays a major role in it. This is a skill that cannot be built in one day and is a brick -by-brick building process that is developed over time. There are a few things parents can do to boost the vocabulary of  their children:1. Play Word games: This is the easiest and most fun way to get your children into learning words. Scrabble and Boggle have been some of the classic favourites  – make it a weekend ritual and enjoy boosting your kid’s word power together.2. Reading Reading Reading: Set aside a time during the day when your children have to read a book. Reading beyond textbooks is really important and until your child reaches higher grades where they simply have no time beyond the curriculum to read; encourage reading consistently. Provide incentives for reading a book in case your child is not naturally inclined towards reading. Keep experimenting with different genres until you find the type of book that interests your child.3. Consciously use a wider variety of words while talking to them: This is a hard project for parents but it is totally worth it because nothing enables your child to pick up the right words as hearing them being used every day.

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4. New Word game: Make it a dinner table practice to challenge the kid to come up with a new word they learned during the day. Make it a fun game for kids to come up with words that they did not know so far.5. Use technology: We struggle to contain the onslaught of technology in our day to day lives. However, it can also be used to our advantage. Download fun word games for your child on the smart phone or the iPad. As you are standing in line or waiting for something, instead of video games, encourage them to play the word games. Play it WITH them and make it a fun activity. Look for websites that would build vocabulary. If you think anything electronic would entice your child to read, download eBooks onto the tablet and give it a whirl.6. Encourage Writing- Encourage your child’s creative writing. If you take your child to a kid’s movie, have them write a review about it and reward your child for that activity. When your child finishes reading a book, have them write a review of it. You can also set a target of asking them to use two new words that they have never used before in every review. These creative activities will promote vocabulary building.

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We are a society that tends to place a lot of emphasis on Arithmetic. However, all 3 R's are important - Reading , wRiting and aRithmetic for a well rounded competency. We have calculators for Arithmetic and spell check for spellings . However using the right word at the right place is best not outsourced to a software as is obvious with auto correct options :)Here's how you can help your math-phobic child develop interest in the subject.Featured Image Source