6 Unique Summer Dresses for Girls under 1000

With summer pretty much shining down on us, all mommies are busy stocking up on summer wear for their little ones. Dressing up little girls in cool cottony loveliness is a dream with the kind of variety now available. So many gorgeous prints, designs and silhoutees to choose from, its exhausting looking through the various websites and only selecting a few for the little princesses.There are lovely cotton outfits available to keep your darling daughter comfortable and stylish at the same time, all under Rs. 1000 that too. You don't need to overshoot your budget to get that perfect look for your girl this summer. Move out fancy synthetics and winter wollens, hello awesome cottons!!Here is our selection of six unique summer dresses to adorn those pretty dolls:1. Cotton Chevron dressThis is a lovely and smart cotton dress that is oh so cool for one of those hot days out in the sun.  Its sharp and apt to dress up your gal for any occasion.  Available in different hues to suit your preferences. [text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/d12.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Doodle-Girls-Dress-FDSWN3017BB_Red_3-6-Months/dp/B01AY6PY0K/ref=sr_1_13?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1457081031&sr=1-13&keywords=summer+dress+for+girlshttp://www.amazon.in/Doodle-Girls-Dress-FDSWN3017BB_Red_3-6-Months/dp/B01AY6PY0K/ref=sr_1_13?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1457081031&sr=1-13&keywords=summer+dress+for+girls?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"]2. Printed Floral JumpsuitHow about this super cool floral jumpsuit for those hyper active days at the park or summer camp?  Perfect to keep your little darling nice and cool and fashionable at the same time. Light on the pocket and available in various shades and prints.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/d6.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Beebay-Floral-Print-Jumpsuit-D6516106301534_Multi-Colour_2-3Y/dp/B01C58RGU6/ref=sr_1_96?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1457081752&sr=1-96&keywords=summer+dress+for+girls?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"]3. Summer Halter Neck DressThis is a gorgeous summer dress for a birthday day or any other occasion in the summer days. Makes your little one look like a princess for sure and definitely ups her style quotient by leaps and bounds.  [text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/d31.jpg" link="http://www.babyoye.com/h/Dresses-&-Skirts/Casual-Dresses/Ollington-st-collection-Halter-Neck-Dress/p_BP10055867?ref=block2?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online. Use Coupon Code ZENP10"]4.Knitted Top and JumperAnother pretty and sharp summer outfit for little girls on a day out for a brunch with the family. Awesome cotton polka dot printed top with a cutest matching jumper, to make your daughter the most stylish little diva at the party. [text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/d41.jpg" link="http://www.amazon.in/Nauti-Girls-Dress-NSS15-25_Red-Navy_18/dp/B00UAJ8JUY/ref=sr_1_91?s=baby&ie=UTF8&qid=1457081752&sr=1-91&keywords=summer+dress+for+girls?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online"]5.Shorts Length DungareeGet this super trendy short length dungaree in stretchy cotton for your little girl. Team it up with a white cotton tee and canvas shoes and your girl is off to play.[text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/d51.jpg" link="http://www.babyoye.com/h/Bottoms---Jeans,-Pants-Etc/Dungarees/Oye-Gils-Shorts-Length-Dungaree/p_BP10058095?ref=block1?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online.Use Coupon Code ZENP10"]6.Printed Romper with ShrugThis is lovely full-length romper that comes along with a knit shrug for a different look other than all the dresses.  Available in various prints and designs and colors. Simple and sweet and swell for those hot months and the breezy evenings.  [text_image_affiliate img_src="https://zenparent.in/wp-content/uploads/2016/03/d61.jpg" link="http://www.babyoye.com/h/Coordinated-Top-&-Bottom-Sets/Top-With-Dungarees/Oye-Girl%27s-Printed-Romper-with-Shrug/p_BP10073332?ref=block1?ie=UTF8&camp=3626&creative=24790&linkCode=ur2&tag=zenparent-21" link_text=" Click Here To View This Product Online. Use Coupon Code ZENP10"]There is an enormous amount of options available on online retail as well as in local stores.  So lets keep our little girls super comfortable and fashion savvy this summer. Oh all that swag is too much heat to handle.