6 things that tell you for sure you’re a great #mum

Ever basked in the compliment of being told what a great mother you are by someone other than your kids? I mean, sure, it's important that they think you're great but their sample size is a bit small, no? Go through this list and see if you fit the role of being a great parent -- either mum or dad.1. You exercise loving authorityMost parents need to discipline their kids at least once a day (if you're very lucky). So what's your style? Do you yell and shout and let it all out? Or do you gently and firmly enforce discipline? If it's the latter, you get a gold star for being an A1 mum! Kids need to know who wears the pants, but they also need to know it lovingly.2. You ask for help and supportParenting in a world that we can barely make sense of means there are more and more days when you're overwhelmed. A good mother always seeks help. Too many appointments at work and no time to pick up kids from dance lessons? Ask a neighbour or friend to pitch in. If you've had a stressful few weeks and you just need an evening out, fearlessly, humbly ask either set of grandparents  or uncles and aunts to take the kids of their hands. When you trust other people, you automatically trust yourself more with bigger decisions. And trusting yourself more means making better decisions for your kids.3. You take good care of your mental and physical healthI can't stress this enough, dear dads and mums. My brain took six years to get back to some level of normalcy after I had to kids in quick succession. I made a lot of mistakes but now I know that if I take care of my emotional and mental health, I am a better parent by miles! I get angry less often, I am less moody, I am willing to take things easy and I am willing to listen to my children a lot more. It has made a world of a difference to the kids. Physical health is equally important. From when they're born and you're carrying them around to when they want to physically engage you in everything, putting fitness on the top of your list easily makes you a better mum. Now, go run that race till the bathroom!salsa-babies-cartoon-large-300x3004. You give yourself creditWe are so often racked with guilt that we forget that the reason our kids have turned out to be half-decent is because of the work you've put in. Can your five-year-old son fix a basic sandwich all on his own? Give yourself a high five. Can your pre-teen daughter put her foot down when she wants to say 'no'? Treat yourself to a glass of really expensive wine! Because you've done very well. For that matter, celebrate your individual accomplishments. When you've done well at work, buy yourself a treat, or go for a good meal. Anything that will tell your kids that you value yourself. It's a value they'll learn to imbibe for themselves.5. You're not hard on yourselfAs high as your parenting standards might, it's important to remember there is NO rulebook to this gig called parenting! You're figuring this out on a daily basis and so, you're bound to make mistakes. Forgive yourself for them. Move on. Self-loathing means guilt and anger. That's the last kind of parent you want to be to your kid6. You respect your spouse or the co-parentThis is super important because it sets the tone for the kind of relationships your children might have in the future. Mutual love and respect will mean your child will grow into a respectful, loving adult who will then be a responsible, kind member of the society. Which is eventually what you're trying for, in the first place right?!