6 Things Most Parents Don’t Know about Online Tuitions

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In the present day world of online marketplaces for all products and services under the sun, it was only a matter of time before online tutoring made its presence felt. Much like telecommuting and online commerce, online tutoring provides some very significant advantages – both educational and logistical. These benefits not only make it competitive to traditional, in-person tutoring, but actually superior to it in many cases. The benefits of online tutoring are myriad, some obvious, others not so much. Here, I list a few of them.1. Access and AvailabilityOnline teaching is not limited by geography or time. Anyone who has tried to deal with the restrictions of having to find a tutor who is competent in the subject, has availability to match your child’s schedule, while being local to reduce commute times, will immediately recognize the invaluable advantage of this. Once you do away with the restrictions of time zones and geography, the search for that elusive perfect teacher becomes a lot easier. 2. Selection from a wider, deeper poolRather than keeping fingers crossed and praying that you get lucky enough to find a good tutor who meets the criteria that fits the specific needs of your child, when you move online, you have a range of tutors, a selection to choose from. Additionally, you can find tutors who specialize in different areas, which can enable you to get help in the areas that you need assistance with. 3. Quality of teachersBeing able to pick and choose from a bigger pool of teachers automatically puts you in the driver’s seat. You can now choose based on merit of the teachers rather than be beholden to limitations which traditional tutoring puts on you.

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4. Convenience and ease for both partiesBy far one of the biggest advantages of moving to online tutoring is the convenience of learning without ever needing to leave your home and without ever having to waste time being stuck in crazy traffic. Such a huge plus without even considering all the money saved in terms of fuel costs.

5. Conveyance

Consider a scenario when you have 2 or more children who need help in different areas. How crazy would it be to ferry each of them, possibly even to different places? Online tutoring is a godsend for such parents trying to coordinate multiple after school activities for more than one child.6. Ease of adoptionPeople (mostly parents) who have yet to experience online tutoring might fear the technology and may be perceive hindrance in such form of learning. Not so our kids, who are born into technology. In fact it is a big advantage where sessions can be easily recorded for future reference of the students.Considering the positives and the ease of access online tutoring promises to provide, it certainly looks like it is here to stay! Even possibly the recommended way to go, keeping in mind our ever-clogged city roads and full schedules.Still unsure? Vedantu's offering a free trial class for a limited period. Get it here.