6 Things moms need to know to survive this school year

Some days, the school year seems like it will just never end. There are those days you just wish your kid would be a university going adult whom you can ask to pull their weight around (as if) or some other days you wish you can lay in bed and pretend to be ill (let’s not kid ourselves this is going to work). But I’m truly here to tell you just how fast this school year (and all the other years) will go by. And before you know it, that toddler of yours struggling with shoelaces will be off with friends all the time, unwilling to meet you in the eye or even talk once in a while, I-kid-you-not. Here are some things to remember that will get you through this school year (and the next and the next)......1. School is over in the blink of an eye Really. Here you are helping your child with 10+5 = 15. Soon enough his arithmetic enters calculus level and you’re out hunting some trained tutor who can do justice to the subject. The days were long but the years really did fly by! Stop rushing past in lightning speed refusing to appreciate the smaller things. There will come a day when your kid won’t want to take a selfie with you because you know, you’re mom!2. Nobody will remember you past the identity of your childGone is your identity as Ms Kumar or Mrs Khanna. Now you’re Abhi’s mom. And that will be your identity for the duration of school. So don’t even bother trying to get personal with anyone relating to school. It doesn’t matter, really.3. School is expensiveGone are the days when you thought you’ve paid the basic fee, given your child Rs 10 for some candy and you’re done for the term. This is new age schooling. This means class pictures, field trips that cost a pretty penny, science labs, etc. So when you can, be nice and ask the teacher if you can help out with anything – organization, extra crayons, whatever. She’ll need it and she will be grateful.4. Hold off signing up for everything As much as you want to show just how involved you are in your child’s life, don’t sign up for everything. You want to have some strength leftover for later, lest you be called that mom who doesn’t care enough about her kid. Save your energy and sign up for volunteering a couple of times here and there, just enough to be visible and helpful and just not enough to keep sane.  It’s all about finding the balance.5. Don’t fret that they’re in school all day I was so guilty of this when my son went to crèche from 9-5 that I forgot that it was for a reason – for me to be able to finish my degree. Even otherwise, enjoy this time. Take up a hobby, get on with your fitness, set some personal targets and accomplish them. What better time than when they’re in school?


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6. Save random crapHideous as it sounds, you’ll need a variety of everyday things to get you through that sudden moment when your daughter announces to you that she forgot to tell you about a Independence Day theme project she has to give for her History class. Save up ribbons, boxes, cutouts, and other random things in a simple shoebox under your bed which you can fall back on in the event of, er, an emergency.Embrace everything that’s happening. You know why? Coz they do go by in the blink of an eye. And you thought the first 5 years went really fast? Wait for the next rollercoaster.