6 surprising facts about ‘man parts’ your husband is hiding from you!

Getting intimate with your partner does not mean knowing only YOUR parts, pleasures, likes and dislikes. You need to know you’re his parts well too. After all, it is a ‘big’ part of knowing him. From the size to the number of erections and ejaculations, you might be surprised to know these facts about your man’s penis, mums.

1.     Its size is smaller than what you think

Yes, it is! Most of your man’s parts are buried inside the pelvis and the pubic bone. An average penis is about 5 inches.

2.     It stops growing at some point

A man’s penis grows maximum after his puberty, after the growth of his testicles. It grows rapidly when he 12-16 years of age and then stops growing in his early 20s. Also, the size of his part is largely determined by genetics.

3.     It does not take much to arouse him

Unlike a woman, a man does not need much effort to be aroused. Just get a little cozy and you will see the results even before you realise. But then, don’t feel bad if it takes a little longer. After all, it varies from man to man.

4.     He ejaculates more than you thought

He does ejaculate only in front of you or when he climaxes. Its more than that! The average number of times he will ejaculate is about 7,200 to 7,500 times. This of course, depends on a variety of factors, like sexual activity, diet, and general well-being.

In fact, a study also reveals that men who ejaculated more than 21 times a month, were at a lesser risk of prostrate cancer.

5.     He gets erections more often than you know

Its not just on bed or in front of you. His erections happen more than that. As for erections, your man gets an average of 11 erections during the day and about 9 at night. And don’t for a minute think he has an affair outside of home. This could be because of hormones or just any physical massage.

6.     Even its surrounding areas are sensitive

Its not just your man’s penis that is sensitive, the surrounding areas get stimulated too. The male G-spot is generally found on the prostrate. Even your hubby's perineum, or the patch of skin between his scrotum and anus can be a G-spot, too.

Feature image source: Britishgq.com