6 secrets to amazing post-pregnancy sex

So, it’s been a couple of months or so since your wife brought your bundle of joy into this world and you couldn’t be happier. Right? Right? We..ll, maybe you could be. After all, you can’t even remember the last time you and she had sex. Maybe she didn’t feel like it when she was pregnant (although a lot of women tend to love sex during pregnancy) or you were too scared for the fear of accidentally poking the baby.

Whatever may be the case, now you’re raring to go but the wife is not so much — and for good reason. She’s exhausted from the round-the-clock feeding on demand and the delivery has left her in a bit of pain that she’s still recovering from.

If she has, however, recovered, but you don’t have a clue as to how you should rev up your sex life, here are six ways to get you started.

Be gentle

Your partner’s body has gone through a mass upheaval — we don’t have to tell you that. But if she has undergone some particularly painful procedures (episiotomy, vaginal tear, C-section) then you need to be really gentle, even if she has healed. She may be just as willing to hop into the sack but if there’s even a little indication of discomfort or pain at her end, hit the eject button.

Don’t rush

We won’t judge you if you are eager to tear the clothes off each other and get right down to business. But remember that this is the first time after a long time. The slower you take it, the more pleasurable it’s going to be for her too. If you feel like you absolutely can’t slow down, it might help to distract: play a really boring movie in your head, perhaps.

Steer clear of the boobs

Yes, we get it, you love your partner’s breasts and they’re a major turn-on for you, even. But make sure she’s okay with you fondling them (or whatever else it is that you like to do). For a woman who’s breastfeeding, her breasts are a source of nutrition for her baby, so she may not be comfortable making them a part of your romp session, especially if she’s engorged or suffering from painful breasts.

Tell her she’s beautiful

Delivery can leave a woman feeling low for all sorts of reasons. Her body is full of battle scars — stretch marks, stretched body parts, injured vagina, cut in the abdomen from the C-section, pigmentation and god knows what else. So it’s natural for her to feel a tad conscious when she’s naked in front of you for the first time since. Your job is to keep telling her that she’s gorgeous and even more attractive than she was (and she probably is to you, a lot of men find their wives post pregnancy bodies even sexier). It’ll make her feel good about her body and the more comfortable one is in their skin, the better the sex, right?

Use a lube

When a woman is breastfeeding, the levels of oestrogen in her body dip really low. This is what causes the dryness in the vagina and the general lack of desire to have sex. So if it’s the first time, you’d do well to keep a water-based lubricant handy so that sex is painless and a lot more enjoyable for both of you.

Emotional foreplay

Men don’t connect sex to emotion as much as women do. But for your partner, the intimacy of sex is just as important as the act itself. So how do you get her more excited about the idea? Emotional foreplay! Take her out on a date, someplace quiet, romantic. Talk about things you both love, make plans to hang out, a quick peck on the cheek, a subtle hand-on-the-waist move. Even helping her take care of the baby counts. Yes! Believe it or not, the more you help with the baby, the more attractive a man you are to her.