6 red lipsticks that look great on Indian skins


It’s that time of year again. Maybe you do Valentine’s Day, maybe you don’t, but it’s a really nice excuse to get yourself something different this year around. If you’ve shied away from red lipsticks all this time, you really need to get over that, girl. Red lipsticks are here to stay for a long, long time. And, honestly, it looks great on all shades of Indian skin we have across the country.

We know, we know. You have very valid reasons for not wanting to wear red lipstick, even though the diva in your heart wants to bust a tube out and have the reddest pout on the planet.

1. You think you’re too dark for red lipstick: Wrong. Can we introduce you to Kerry Washington? 

2. You think it’s too loud: So what? Go loud or go home. I mean don’t wear it to work if you want to keep it low, but when you go out with friends? Or maybe your husband? Get that tube out.

3. You’ve never worn it before: Nothing like taking the risky step to trying something new in the first half of the year.

4. You need loads of products to make red lipstick look good on you: Wrong, again. Basic powdering, a little mascara and red lipstick. You’re done.

Now that we’ve taken care of all your excuses, try these shades this Valentine’s Day (even if you aren’t going anywhere, doing anything, just do it for yourself).

1. Ruby Woo by MAC:

Gorgeous, bright red, great for all skins but especially those that have an olive, golden tone. No warm or cool tones in this shade, just great bright red. Matte, in case you’re interested.  

2. Red Coat by Lakme 9 to 5:

This is really close to Ruby Woo but has a darker tone, so it really does a great job on Indian skins. Also matte, it leaves your skin a bit dry if you wear it too long, but prepping your lips with moisturiser will help.

3. Russian Red by MAC:

An intense, deep red colour again by MAC, which really brings faces with darker tones among us alive. Wear it for the evening, wear it for a lunch in a white outfit, wear it at home, wear it anywhere you want (we’re big fans).

Chanel Rouge Allure Pirate:

Another shade for the beautifully darker among us (but perfectly good for just about anyone). A lovely creamy ready that pops like a neon balloon! It’ll be love at first sight as soon as you put it on -- for you and for him!

5. Maybelline Color Sensational Lipstick in Fatal Red:

A warm red that is flattering on every Indian tone, Maybelline’s Fatal Red is a gorgeous, glossy red. Its creamy, smooth texture stays put for over 3 hours, and leaves a lovely pinkish tint as it fades.

6. Inglot Freedom System Lipstick Square – #82:

The Ingot Lipstick Square in shade 82 is a lovely pink-hued red that’s best suited for red lipstick virgins. It goes on smoothly, fades evenly and leaves a beautiful tint. It lasts about three-four hours and is glossy without looking OTT. Unlike a lot of red lipsticks, this one doesn’t dry out your lips. Skip the lip brush and put it on with your fingers if you only want a hint of colour.

Go ahead, go red.