6 pregnancy perks for dads-to-be *fun post*

Pregnancy is usually all about the mum - her feelings, her cravings, her growing belly, etc. It's natural for dads to feel left out and a bit disconnected from it all. But hey, don't worry. There are a lot of perks to being a dad-to-be. Here are just 6 of them. Enjoy them while it lasts!

1. Junk Food

Jesus, the junk food. Far be it from me to deprive your wife of the snacks she craved during her nine months of sobriety. With all the chocolate and chips we had stocking the cupboards, it was like being in college again!

2. Boys’ Nights!

Hefting a fetus around for nine months is tiring. And it takes a toll on your body. Add that to the fact that pregnant women can’t drink, and there were many nights when my wife just wanted to stay in. And while I love a good Netflix and Chill as much—if not more than—the next guy, with her at home already, I got a few extra opportunities to go out with some friends. Opportunities that will be few and far between for the next few months/years.

3. Cha-Ching

You won’t believe the money we saved by not buying bottles of vodka and wine! And when only one person gets a drink with dinner? The bill is cut in half! (Also: DESIGNATED DRIVER.)

4. Lazy Days

Speaking of Netflix and Chill, the wife doesn't agree most of the time. Save for the rare rainy Sunday, most women like to have plans and do things. It’s super annoying. But during pregnancy, constant activity is much harder. “Oh, your back hurts? I’m sorry, honey. Sure, we can lie in bed and watch Netflix.” Score!

5. Sympathy Weight

Free pass! You can have a belly in support of your wife! You're a feminist! Now pass that beer.

6. Hormones

Yes, sometimes these rear their head in scary ways. One afternoon, my wife went from laughing hysterically to crying hysterically to eating a bucket of ice cream hysterically in the span of 13 seconds. But sometimes those same hormones made her horny. And despite what Yahoo Answers might tell you, women can’t get double-pregnant. Boom.
See? We men may not be able to experience the transcendent joy of carrying a human life inside of us or having the special biological and physiological bond that women have with their offspring. But we can get fat out of solidarity, drunk without worry, and lazy without guilt! So I think we get a pretty good deal. If only there weren’t the whole pesky newborn to care for at the end of it all!
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