6 obvious signs your mother-in-law-to-be can’t stand the sight of you

This much is clear - you certainly can't get away from your mother-in-law, present or future. Some folks get lucky. They live away from their husband's families and therefore share a cordial, if slightly stiff, relationship with them. Others, like you, share their homes, their kitches, their meals. So how can you ascertain even before you got married that your relationship with MIL might be challenging? Renuka Sudhir has information that'll help you here, in her article for BollywoodShaadis.com. She lists six signs, to be precise:

1. She says ‘I know my son’ a lot

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Well, every mother knows her son, but there are some who might always feel the need of letting others know about it. Whenever you plan something for your future husband, a surprise outing, a unique coloured shirt, or you plan to change something in your bedroom, if your future mother-in-law keeps on telling you something like, “I know my son. He won't like it.” get the hint. Your would-be MIL is not very fond of you. 

2. She compares you with someone


If she compares you with someone else's daughter-in-law or her own daughter, maybe, then you should understand that your relationship with her is in trouble. She would definitely tell you how good her best friend's daughter-in-law is, or how good she was as a daughter-in-law when she got married. She might even tell you to lose weight or go on a diet, or something else that might hurt you.

3. She always tries to show you down


Whatever you do does not matter to her and she always tells you that she would have done it better than you. Her expectations are out of your reach sometimes. And, however much you try to impress her, she just doesn’t seem to be happy about it. 

4. She is the pre-declared QUEEN of the kitchen


If your future mother-in-law does not allow you to enter the kitchen or interferes whenever you cook, it is a clear sign that she might not like you doing the cooking. She believes she is the best cook for her son, and that you just won't be able to cook up his favourite dish the way she does it for him. Weird, we know, but true!

5. She spreads spiced-up gossips


She would also gossip about the things you do not do properly at family get-togethers. She might spice up these gossips to make everyone believe her. She can go to any lengths in spreading dislike for you among the other family members.

6. She tries really hard to break the 'rishta'


Some future mothers-in-law just cannot bear the feeling of her son loving some other girl, and might go to an extent of spying your past relationships, just to break yours with her son. She might also spy on your daily activities and get you two fighting over small things, during your courtship.