6 New Dad Personalities of Today

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For us moms, aren’t dads just grown up boys with children? But undoubtedly, with the little ones in their lives, fathers develop a unique relationship with them and begin reflecting a different personality around the kids.With Father’s Day coming closer, the list of these Dad personalities will surely bring a smile on your face. After all, these are the dad personalities of today. They’re not the strict, reserved ones that children feel hesitant to talk to. They are just different from one another when it comes to how they bond with their kids.1. James Bond DadHe’s a father who knows every detail about his children. Not by intervening in the personal lives of his kids too much, he still manages to know about their whereabouts without offending them. Only because he cares too much and worries a lot. And more than the mom, it’s him who keeps calling the kids to check if they’re alright. All for his children's safety.

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2. Daddy-pediaThe brainy dad has answers for everything. A constant learner himself, his kids too are smart like him and aspire to gain knowledge about everything they come across.

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3. Coach DadSporty, fit and hardworking; this father encourages his kids to at least master one sport and focus on physical fitness at the same time. Academics are important but playing sports and taking up a game seriously is something this dad type believes in.

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4. Pro DadThe workaholic; this is a man who knows how to run his home with a booming business. But despite the hectic work schedules, he never forgets to spend time with his loved ones. And long family holidays are always planned for children.

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5. Techie DaddyHe’s someone who adores gadgets and loves playing video games with his kids, while learning about the latest technological advancements at the same time. He’s also friends with his kids on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and every social media site possible.

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6. Best Pal DadA friend in a father, he is his kids’ closest buddy. And more than the mom, the kids confide in him.

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