6 habits your kids should follow to avoid getting braces in future

1. Stop thumbsucking


Applying any unusual pressure on growing gums is the main cause of crooked or crowded teeth. Sucking thumbs or dummies, overuse of pacifiers, tongue thrusting, prolonged bottle feeding can cause jaws and teeth to grow out of shape. Distracting your child from sucking objects early should reduce the risk of crooked teeth and a misaligned bite, hence avoiding braces.

2. Start oral hygiene practices early

Poor dental hygiene is a possible cause of crooked teeth. When the child has gum diseases, decay and bacteria penetrate into the gum and affect dormant adult teeth as well. So help your child develop good oral hygiene practices early.

3. Diet

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Feeding coarse calories to your child as soon as possible after teeth start growing will result in proper function of oral cavities with normal structure and growth. Coarse calories mean fresh fruits, vegetables, hard rolls and other hard chewy food.

4. Watch out for early tooth loss

Losing a tooth very early can cause surrounding teeth to start growing into the space, causing problems for the growth of adult teeth. If your child loses his teeth early, take him to a dentist who can check the surrounding teeth for signs of collateral damage or dispositions that lead to a gap.

5. Avoid sleeping on the face


Make sure your child does not sleep on his face because this will put pressure on his jaws that in turn cause pressure on gums. This results in crooked or crowded teeth and misalingned bites.

6. It’s in the family

Sometimes it is possible for your child to develop crooked teeth or misaligned bite due to the genetics, despite all your healthy oral hygiene habits. However it is still important to follow those habits and take him to a dentist at the earliest signs of crooked teeth so that dentist can suggest alternatives to braces.