6 Effective ways to boost your kid’s working memory

Does your child remember the names of all the Engines on Thomas & Friends but have difficulty remembering to remove his shoes and keep them in their place after entering the house? You know they have no problem memorizing things they want to, but not those you want them to. Here are some handy tips to enhance your child’s everyday memory –1. Establish routines – Kids thrive on routines. The more you stick to one, the more likely they’re to remember it. Wake up, pee, wash your hands, brush your teeth, drink milk and so on...this will become second nature to them, once they get used to doing it everyday. Soon, they’ll be picking out their own clothes, and telling you that you forgot to give them a banana for a snack.2. Memory games – We’ve all played memory matching or pairing games, or games to enhance one's “Concentration” as kids. With good reason. Memory games serve to improve short term memory in kids. You can also make this a regular outing activity instead of a board game indoors. When walking to the park, prompt answers to questions like – Do you remember who lives here, what did I buy you here last week, What color was the ball Rahul brought to the park yesterday and so on.

memory enhancement for kids- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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3. Help visualize – Most people have a visual memory, especially when they’re kids. When possible, help them visualize whatever it is that they’re learning about. For instance, if the lessons are about underwater life, visit an aquarium to point out the different life undersea. Such things tend to stick more than just reading or hearing about it.4. Ask them to explain it to you – Nothing cements a child’s memory and understanding of things more than having to explain something to someone else. This is a memory aid for kids above the age of 6.5. Reading – Among the many many benefits of reading, is the improvement of memory in kids. Books allow children to visualize things outside of their usual worlds and gives them access to so many other scenarios and locations that they ordinarily wouldn’t. After reading a book, you can go over a few key points to cement their memory about these things.

help your child improve his memory- Easy Tips by ZenParent

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6. Tell me why – The endless why questions from your kid are for a reason. The way kids learn effectively is by asking questions. Don’t brush these off as silly or irrelevant. Instead try and offer crisp explanations for whatever it is. And should they repeat the question later, try and jog their memory by asking them if they remember what you said before. Allow them to complete your sentences. Madhu, you cannot have chocolates because….. (her) my teeth will get spoiled.With these tips, in no time your tot will be a memory machine, not just remembering what he wants but also everyday mundane things and new things he’s learned from you and outside in the past.Featured Image Source