6 easy ways to master a quickie! (For when you literally can’t wait!)

It’s not always that you might find the right place and time to make out. While we all like a romantic ambiance get our hormones rising, there are those awkward times when you are horny as hell and want to blow each other’s brains off! Now, this is what quickies are for.

And for some reason, you have time and space constraint and by the time you are at it, you are wet and hard for each other and half the job is already done. That’s what quickies are for. However, just when your temperatures are rising and you are all set for action, you might miss out on a few things, thereby not making the most of your 5 minutes.

Here’s what you need to keep in mind for a super hot quickie!

Be prepared

The first step for having a good quickie is being watchful of the minute details. Having a quickie means having the other intricacies sorted. And by intricacies, we first mean the condom. You and your partner must know how to slip it on in no time.

Find the right spot

You have less time and you definitely don’t want to be caught red handed! So finding the right spot is very important. The closet in your room where no one will enter, the basement which no one frequent, the car when it is parked under a bush that will hide just about anything etc. So, find the right spot before you get started!

Build it up

You know it’s a quickie! So there’s no time for foreplay of any sort. So start off before hand. If you good at sexting, then use your typing skills, combine them with your wild thoughts and get started well in advance. Even better, make a phone call so you can get your partner anticipated and start off the show once you get there.

Go easy on your clothes

By this, we don’t mean loaf around in your undies or vests, especially if you are at a party, office or in a public place. A simple button down shirt will help you save time, thereby giving a little more room for other things.

Get your position right

You need to ace this one! In order to make the most out of the little time you have in hand, you definitely need to know which position will get it in on time and also help you and your partner have a rocking time. And this is very important also because it needs to work within in a space constraint like the washroom, car, closet, cubicle etc. Missionary works just fine! Bonus if you know a few more!

Don’t over analyse

Last, but definitely not the least, it’s a quickie, so you definitely cannot be paying attention to intricate details. Where he touches, caresses or kisses is immaterial. Also, there is no time for questions, suggestions or anything that needs further talk. So, be practical and get on the job first!

Feature Image Source: www.cosmopolitan.si