6 detox drinks that actually taste good

Detox drinks are the new internet sensation. Everywhere from Pinterest to Yummly, people are posting images of mason jars with questionable concoctions that are supposed to "cleanse" and detox your body. With so many out there, and a large number of infusions that taste like filtered barf, it might be hard to find something that actually cleanses and is yummy. Don't look any further, here are 6 drinks that are bound to tingle the taste buds and do the deed too!

1. The Spa Water


The lemon in this delish combo has all kinds of great health benefits, as it aids in weight loss and is a great source of Vitamin C. The mint balances out the lemon-y taste for a perfectly satisfying and hydrating drink on a sweltering day.

2.’Merica In A Jar


Not only does this drink look hella cute with those red, white and blue colors, but both blueberries and raspberries together provide a fresh twist on boring detox drinks. These fruits are also packed with Vitamin C, and are known to help prevent cancer and manage your weight.

3. The Cinnamon Apple


Not only is this a killer flavor combination, this detox water has almost no calories and flushes your body of harmful toxins. It’s great for an extra boost in metabolism if you’re trying to slim down, and also a perfect cool blast on those million degree days.

4. The Stress Reliever


Drink this for an instant stress reliever. The basil is full of nutrients and a good cleanser for your liver, while the strawberries provide you with vitamins and a sweet tang to your drink. Pineapples have natural antioxidants to improve your immune system and digestive enzymes to keep you regular.Apple cider vinegar is amazing within itself for millions of reasons, including soothing tummy aches and aiding in weight loss.

5. The One That Tastes Like Soda


If you’re like me and crave Sprite or 7UP on a hot day, look no further. This detox water is nothing but some sparkling water, lemon, and lime, and will wake you up quicker than a morning cup of coffee. Cut out all that extra sugar you don’t need, and replace it with this. You’ll feel good and look good while drinking something that tastes amazing.

6. Fresh From The Garden


This is for everyone who doesn’t like cucumbers. Throw some slices in with some lemon and mint and you won’t even taste them, but you can still benefit from their anti-inflammatory properties. It’s another take on The Spa Water, to keep you hydrated and still looking and feeling like one classy guy or gal.

This article was originally published on Spoon University