6 BasicThings Children Need To Do By Themselves Before They Enter “Teens”

We parents love our kids so much that we turn to be overprotective about them.  Unfortunately, this overparenting has the opposite effect, leaving our kids not ready for the world and life as adults. Our good intentions ultimately block their chance to learn some important things like dealing with total strangers, to find their way out of any crisis, etc. Parenting means taking care of children and not letting any harm come to them. True. But it also means making them fit in the world as well. Once your child turns to a teenager, you should stop helicopter parenting and let them do these 6 basic things themselves.

1. They should learn to wake themselves up:

By the time your kid is entering high school, you should make sure that they can wake themselves up and get ready to the school. Believe me, they are capable of waking themselves. The parent being an alarm clock of their teenage child is actually a bad parenting aspect. Make it to the point they have to set the alarm and wake up themselves in time. If they snooze their alarm clock, let them experience its consequences as well.  They may miss that day's class, they have to skip breakfast, etc. so, never drive them school if they miss the school bus. With a couple of such incidents, they will eventually learn the importance of waking up and getting ready on time.

2. They should manage and complete their school work:

Your teenager should be able to categorize their workloads, should complete and submit an assignment before the deadline, take everything that needs to take to school like books, files, accessories for extracurricular activities like swimming kit, sports kit, etc, without the remainder from the parents. Finishing homework and doing assignments perfectly to score maximum is their duty, not yours.  Helping your child to attain short time success is actually paving the way to losing their confidence and makes them think they can't achieve anything without their parents' help.

3. They should be familiar with cooking:

Your teenager should certainly know his or her way around the kitchen. They really should be able to do their basic needs independently, if they had to. We are not emphasizing you should stop cooking them meals, but they should able to take their call of preparing breakfast or a simple meal if the circumstance demands.

4. They should do their laundry:

You can't ask them to do the laundry as soon as they turn teen. You should slowly allow and ask them to do simple tasks collecting and sorting out the dirty clothes, folding the wash and dried clothes etc, after the age of ten. Then add responsibility step by the stem as they master in each step. Like this way, by the time they're 13, they should know how to do their laundry themselves.

5. They should clean the house:

By the time they turn 13, you should leave the cleaning of their room, study, and playroom with your child. Supervise initially and let them do it their own way. Through trial and error method they will learn to systematically clean their turf with less time. Then, during the weekends you can include them in household chores. It will give the child a feeling of responsibility as they are "big" enough to contribute to a family task.

6. They should politely deal with adults:

It is important for teenagers to learn basic manners when it comes to dealing with an adult. Let it be their teachers, grandparents, family friends, etc.  They should know how to communicate politely and respectfully. Yes, sometimes other people really talk about boring things. However, learning how to deal with it without being rude is a most important skill that helps them for the rest of their lives. By now, instead of not talking to strangers, they should be able to learn how to detect the one bad stranger from a wide range of good ones.