6 Amazing ways to enjoy Ganesh Chaturthi and keep the environment safe too

Have you tried stepping out of your house on the 5th, 7th, 9th and 11th day after Ganesh Chaturthi in Mumbai? No? That's because you can't. Every inch of every street is crowded with people heading out to sea, all holding their Ganapatis, not one thinking of how contaminated the ocean already is. Well, no one else will, but YOU can. 

We take a look at 6 simple steps of celebrating “Eco Friendly Ganpati”, in our attempt to save the environment. It’s not always necessary to forgo all the fun in trying to keep the environment safe and we show you just how!

1. Community Ganpati

Instead of every household having a Ganpati at their place, friends and family can contribute and have ‘one’ Ganpati amongst themselves. If most of the people in this city follow this, it will be less of a strain on the Arabian Sea!


2. Chocolate Ganpati

Make Ganesh idols that can be immersed into milk as part of visarjan instead of water. This will not only save gallons of water but the chocolate Ganpati immersed into milk can be served as Prasad or used to serve the poor. Some real human service that is!


3. Clay Ganpati

Children play with mud and clay all the time. ‘Shadhu’ Ganpati idols are a safe and very feasible choice. If organic clay and mud can be used to make Ganpati idols, it will be a big save for mother nature!


4. Natural colors

Just like how in Holi we are advised to refrain from chemical colors, even for Ganpati one needs to refrain from using ‘unhealthy colors’. Go for organic and natural colours and our Bappa will still look as beautiful!


5) Small Scale ‘Visarjans’

Visarjan is very difficult for any Ganesh devotee and we all want to give him the best farewell, but our cherished deity would love if we spare a serious thought for our marine life and have a small scale immersion in a small pond or a small container, to save as much water as possible! Bappa’s happiness lies in keeping his beings happy and that include even those living in the water!


6) Smaller Idols

Ganpati Bappa is perhaps everyone’s favourite God and we want to have the biggest statue possible of his at our place. But it is our heartfelt and genuine devotion towards him that really counts. If possible invest in a small idol that will immerse faster in water and not cause much of a harm to mother Earth.


Wishing everyone a very Happy Prosperous and Eco Friendly Ganesh Chaturthi! Ganpati Bappa Morya!