5 ways to totally get portion control right (and hence lose weight!)

I’ve struggled with my weight all my adult life. Mostly because everything around told me I was the wrong size. As a result, I spent my 20s being ashamed of my non-skinny body and never wearing what I wanted to wear (that’s changed now, but I still have remnants of low confidence from those years). One of the good things I picked up in those years when I worried about losing weight was eating right. And all aspects of it. It went a long way in maintaining weight, I understand that now. Here are a few tricks I about portion control, which is a huge, huge part of losing weight.

1. Drink enough water:

When your stomach is constantly supplied with water, you eat less. Really.

2. Make sure your plate has the famous 50-25-25:

When you look at your plate, this is what you need to see: 50 percent of it is vegetables (subzi, salad etc), 25 percent carbs or starchy vegetables (rotis, rice, potatoes, carrots etc) and the remaining 25 percent should be protein (fish, paneer, egg, meat etc).

3. Eating out? Share:

If you’re eating with company, split a dish. In most restaurants, servings are big enough for two, actually. So share a meal. If you’re eating alone, request the restaurant to bag your food before you start to eat so that you control your intake. This works.

4. Don’t eat and watch tv/read:

You have no idea how much more you can eat when your mind is busy with something else. Eat alone, think about your food, its taste, where it came from and how it nourishes you. Be mindful. Just don’t watch a tv show or read a gripping book.

5. Eat on smaller plates:

This one really works. Eat in smaller plates, and eat slow. This means by the time you’re done with the lesser quantity of food you’ve taken, your brain understands your body has had enough and you feel full.