5 ways to tell if you’re drinking enough water

Are you drinking ENOUGH water? The standard 8 glass recommendation may not work for everyone. Do you suffer from dry skin or dark urine? All of these may indicate that you're not getting nearly enough water. Here are 5 ways to tell -

You might assume that your body stays hydrated with the 2 litres of water you religiously drink every day. Despite this, have you wondered why you still suffer from a perpetual feeling of fatigue or lethargy and generally feel dull all day? Well, this sure means your body is asking for more water intake. Here are some tell-tale signs which should indicate that the water you’re drinking may not be enough…

Are you constantly cramping?

Have your cramps gotten severe especially after exercising in the summers? This one’s a clear sign that you aren’t drinking water. The reason being that electrolyte imbalances can easily lead to muscle cramps. This is when your levels of potassium and magnesium go down and that’s when you need to replace those electrolytes, stat! Besides water, you can also load up on foods like watermelon, strawberries, cucumber and iceberg lettuce that are extremely hydrating foods.

Do you feel unusually hot?

Agreed that the summers can make us rather irritable but if you’ve been complaining of feeling hot way too many times, it’s time to ask yourself if you’re drinking enough water. Well, water is the reason our body temperature is regulated. The lack of water causes your body to heat up because it no longer has the ability to regulate temperature in the body since your blood turns more concentrated. This in turn leads to lack of sweating so everything’s pent up inside. Solution? Drink more water!

Do you suffer from dry skin?

One of the most obvious and first signs of dehydration is your skin feeling flaky and dry. As we said earlier, lack of water means your body won’t be able to sweat. This only means your skin turns irritable and you suffer from breakouts because all the toxins from your body aren’t finding a way out. That’s not all, even your eyes will turn dry and red. This is because without ample water in your body, your tear ducts will dry up. Your true doctor? Water!

Are you always lazy?

When your blood isn’t hydrated, there is lack of oxygen throughout your body. This leads to lethargy and fatigue more often than ever. So if you’ve been cancelling party plans and reaching work late because you can’t get yourself to get out of bed, chug that water bottle on your bedside now!

Are your bowel movements going for a toss?

If you’ve been sitting in the toilet for far too long waiting for miracles to happen, you should know that the medicine here really is water. Dehydration can easily get you constipated because our intestines need water to digest food and throw away waste. So when you’re drinking water, you’re actually watering your intestines for a better bowel movement.


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