5 ways to spend Quality time with your Kids

Image Source : Dollarphotoclub.comQuality time is a word you hear a lot these days.  Today with parents working long hours and children running around to different classes either for extracurricular activities or for tuitions, spending quality time together has become a challenge. Here are 5 ways to spend Quality Time with your child.Untitled design (49)Image source : flickr under creative common licenceRead together: Reading has many advantages. When they are young, you become their hero for taking them into a wonderland that you can explore together. My daughter’s favourite storybooks, that she refuses to give away, are those books that I spent endless nights reading again and again until we both had them memorized.  When they are older, quietly snuggling up together and reading your own books is also your time together. Not all quality time is about action and movement, sometimes the peace and quiet also opens up avenues for conversation and sharing.

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Cook together: Making a meal together is an activity that is satisfying in many ways. When we cook for others, there is an element of love and sharing in it. Instead of mom being the one to always organize the food, engage your children in the kitchen and cook with them. If you think your traditional cooking is not suitable to do with a child, pick easier recipes that can be done together. There are many no-bake, no-cook easy recipes that are ideal to engage with kids like salads, sandwiches or even dosa! My 8 year old is proud of his dosa making skills- Yeah it is not perfectly round, but it is as tasty as any that I make. Your children will be proud of themselves, learn valuable life skills in the process and have wonderful memories.Pick a game or exercise: Physical activity is a great way to spend quality time with your child. Sports is always a character building exercise and the physical benefits are of course obvious. Pick any sport that you can play with your child like badminton, tennis or even kick a ball around. If nothing, exercise together! Taking a nice brisk walk or swimming with your child is also a great way to spend time together.Do a one-on-one outing: Many of us have more than one kid and while it is great to do some activities with all of them, kids also need  one-on- one bonding time with a parent. Pick one activity to do with one child alone every week. You will get to know about your child during this interaction and might pave the way for them opening up to you about their problems. It could be as simple as going to the library with them.

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Family fun night: Designate one night of the week as Family fun night – Pick any activity that you all love to do together as a family and just do it together. You can even pick a different activity every week. But just make that day sacrosanct and reserve it for this purpose only.