5 Ways to get your child to Practice a musical instrument

musical instruments should be practiced- Parenting resources by ZenParent
As the popular saying goes “You can only take the horse to the pond... You cannot make it drink”.  Parents know that learning a musical instrument has numerous benefits like improving your memory, your mathematical ability, sharpens your concentration and much more. However, you can buy an instrument and enroll your child in a class, but making them practise, as we all know is another ball game all together. So what can you do to get your child to practise?1. Attitude: Primarily YOUR attitude will determine your child’s attitude toward learning the instrument. For example, if there is a party, event, exam, fun trip- At the drop of a hat, if you find yourself prioritizing the class really low on your list of things to do, your child will quickly catch on it. If you really want your child to be serious about learning the instrument, you need to demonstrate it. Monkey see. Monkey do.2. Habit: Just as you have homework time at your house, pick a time of day when playing the instrument is compulsory and non negotiable. Do not leave it flexible as an  “if time permits” activity.

practice a musical instrument- Parenting resources by ZenParent

3. Incentivise : Yes, we know that children should not do something just because there is a carrot on the other end, but how many of us would turn up for work on Monday, if they stopped paying us ? Until your child finds the intrinsic joy in playing the instrument, find ways to reward them for practicing regularly.4. Make it fun: For some kids, classical music can be a grind. Bach and Beethoven can be a bit boring. We found a teacher who would alternate classical music with pop  music that really enthused my child to practice and love her classes. So try and figure out how to make it more fun for your child.

musical instruments for children are to be operated regularly- Parenting resources by ZenParent

5. Find the right teacher : When my daughter started rebelling to go for her piano lessons , I went and met her teacher. She was a good teacher but a  very strict teacher and my child was an extra sensitive type. I told her that she is making it very difficult for my daughter to enjoy her class and be motivated . She was a good teacher and mellowed down for my child and my daughter stopped rebelling to go for classes.  So find the right teacher for your child’s personality.It is very easy for the parent and the child to quit on something that requires so much commitment as learning a musical instrument. But once we both stick with it, the pay offs are for life.Did you know playing a musical instrument makes kids smarter? Click here to see how!