5 WAYS to entertain your little ones without giving them screen time

If you are a mom who is the primary care giver of your child, it can be challenging to keep the little one busy and very tempting to just give in to screen time – be it the TV, IPad or Laptop or even your phone. Here are a few fun activities you can do to entertain your child
  1. Rice:  You would be amazed at how much time your little one can spend with one kg of rice, a spoon and a few bowls.  Just put a kg of rice in a really large bowl – and stick in a few different types of spoons and tiny cups. They would have so much fun pouring the rice from one cup to the other They like to pick it up and run it through their fingers and even if they put it inside their mouth, it would be ok! since it is just Rice. You can wash the raw rice if you want and dry it before use! Cheapest toy ever!
  2. Sound Makers: If you think you need to buy expensive toys that make fancy sounds, think again. Your stainless steel barthan, cups and spoons make a great drum set for your little one. If you are immune to the din like me, as long as they are entertaining themselves, go for it. They are really fascinated by the different sounds made by the spoons against the dishes!kids_iphone_2                                                                                       image source
  3. Build a Fort!  Got a few dupattas, bedsheet and a few chairs? Your fort is ready! Just wrap the fabric around the chairs and table in a fun way and your little one would have a great time crawling through it. Throw in a cushion and a few toys under the fort and you have a fascinating space for your pre-schooler to spend time in! Children love small enclosed spaces- make one for them!
  4. Water and sponge! Mundane chores are fascinating for kids . Fill two buckets half way through, with water and get a sponge. Tell your pre-schooler that it is bath day for the toys- Get all the washable toys in one place and let the bath time begin! If you want to make it a bit more fun- put a few drops of her baby bath soap in a tiny cup to dip and make bubbles – Big time fun activity with the added benefit of clean toys!
  5. Ice Paint! Fill your regular ice cube tray with water. Put a drop of non-toxic kid safe paint in each cube- make it different colours. When it is time to play, just spread an old white t-shirt on the floor and let your kid go to town painting the t-shirt with the frozen ice cubes- so much fun! Give them 4 colours at a time so that it is not all melted at the same time! Dry the t-shirt once they are done and have them proudly wear their own painted t-shirt!
If your child is young, create a safe play area by cordoning off a portion of the room. Products are available today where you can build a small fence within which your child can play safely.  Spread the toys around that zone, which your child would have fun exploring. Also make sure you don’t put out all the toys all the time. Rotate them. Every alternate day switch up the toys. This would keep your child interested.