5 Ways to Encourage Children to Eat Healthy

healthy eating habits in kids- Parenting resources by ZenParent
The one wish every parent (and that includes me too)would passionately hope to be fulfilled is for their kids to like what is cooked for them and eat their meals without a fuss. But for a kid, healthy is boring and for a parent, giving in to the frequent demands of junk food is not only unacceptable but it takes them down the guilt trip so very easily.So how does one achieve this seemingly impossible and intricate balance?Surprisingly there are a few ways out of this maze.1. Prepare the Kids before HandMeal times are great times to bond with the kids better and nobody wants to jeopardize that valuable time in arguments and tantrums. So, a safer and a peaceful way to get the kids to eat the healthy food, is to prepare them in advance and tell them what will be served. All objections and questions can be handled beforehand and put to rest(no emotional blackmail to be entertained).2. Explain WhyNo matter how loud or strict parents can get, kids will only be convinced with a valid reason. Hence if you are convinced about a certain healthy food,then the same should be conveyed in a mature way to kids too so that they know that there is a reason why they have to eat a particular dish.

kids eating healthy- Parenting resources by ZenParent

3. Joint EffortInvolving the kids while preparing food and working together is one sure way to get them to eat without complaining. Cooking along with children makes them aware of the effort that goes into preparing the food and also gives them a chance to choose from the options available. And for a change, they will be hoping that their dish is appreciated.4. Be AccommodatingEveryone needs an off after the weekly grind. So how about a weekend reward in the form of their favourite food after a week of healthy and simple food. This can serve as a break and motivation for the next week’s upcoming dilemma.5. It is Fair to Practice What is PreachedWe all know by now that kids learn more by observing than by instructions so if they see healthy food being consumed in the family by everyone, without resistance on a regular basis, there is very little room for revolt and they will get habituated to eating healthy without thinking about it too much. Image Source: via Dollar Photo Club