5 Ways on How to Stop Worrying and Start enjoying Parenting

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Worrying for our kids is such a lucrative trap! It beckons to us all the time and doesn’t give up until it has us. And why not. There are so many things to worry about and keep us busy.There is the future of our kids, their studies, their food, their clothes, their projects, their friends, their homework, their 5 minute late arrivals from school and that we are never doing enough!! And if we as parents won’t worry then who will. But it is time we paused a little to reflect that is ONLY the worrying solving our kids’ problems and avoiding all obstacles in their paths?Most of the times it is the parents’ own worry about the happiness and the survival of their kids that they pass on to their children and land up creating situations and problems that probably don’t even exist. Because the truth is that ‘When you expect something, you will find it. And when you try to fix what you worry about, you inadvertently create it!’So maybe we should stop worrying for a change and start enjoying this beautiful adventure called Parenting.Here’s how:

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1. Hovering over the Kids all the Time is Not a Good Idea- When we as parents keep looking over them constantly and jump to their rescue at every hint of difficulty or challenge we only stand to gain 2 things. Worry and an under confident child. Neither of them helps. Instead we can spend the same amount of time and energy in helping kids learn important life skills like independence,responsibility, time management& decision making and relax.2. Time outs Are Not Only for Kids- An overused human mind needs only one thing to cool it down for proper functioning .A Break. It is fine if the kids have not eaten up to our satisfaction or have scored lesser marks in a test. As Dale Carnegie rightly says that the size of the problem depends only on our response to it. So if we choose to ignore little issues for some time and have some fun time with kids, it will not end the world.3. Wishing well is to Send Out positive Vibes- We all would fiercely argue that because we wish well for our kids, we worry about them. But by worrying we probably do not realise that we are ultimately sending out negative vibes towards our kids and inviting more troubles. So how about thinking positively about our kids to actually get them there.

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4. Acceptance- The phrase ‘Just like your mom or dad’ is maybe not a very realistic one. Accepting the basic fact that our child is a different individual with different needs & capacities and loving him/her unconditionally goes a long way in helping us worry less and also enables better emotional development in the child.5. Keeping up the Faith- We all have been conditioned to have faith in the Greater Good. So why do we refrain from instilling the same in our kids? Children learn more by observing than spoken instructions and if they see us worrying all the time they soak in the same mind set and will eventually grow up to be worrying adults too who don’t believe.Sue Atkins says ‘That there is no such thing as a perfect parent, so just be a real one’.

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Over the time, I have learnt that letting go sometimes, doing my own thing, relaxing, laughing and enjoying this wonderful journey called parenthood has helped me more as a person than being forever worried and I have noticed that when I am happy, my family around  resonates the same state of mind and attitude.So don’t worry…. be happy! :)Featured Image Source 1, Featured Image Source 2