5 ways how toddlers are exactly like the “Indominus Rex”

rex vs kids funny- Parenting resources by ZenParent
If you’ve seen the new Jurassic World movie, you know exactly what I’m talking about. As I was watching the movie, all I could think about is how it would’ve been so much easier for a mommy to deal with the Indominus Rex, who seemed exactly like a toddler. Funny how many similarities can we mums find between the biggest Rex in the movie and...you know who....1. They cannot be tracked – The Indominus Rex removes her GPS off of her flesh. She doesn’t want to be detected that much. I can pretty much picture my toddler ripping off any leash that I put on him, so as to break free.2. They start eating but never finish – The dinosaur in the movie simply hunts many other dinosaurs but is barely interested in them as a meal as she is for a quest. Cut to toddlers. Same difference. They enjoy nibbling at different things, seldom finishing what they started, leaving behind uneaten half-nibbled cookies, chips and other stuff all over. And they’re always on the next hunt.3. They are destructive – This barely needs explanation. There’s a trail of destruction everywhere the paths have been. And they simply can.not.be.contained.4. They fight their brothers and sisters – The Indominus Rex eats her sibling. While toddlers aren’t quite that bad, given a choice, they’d like to taste their siblings too, I’m sure.5. They don’t follow rules – Toddlers and dinosaurs have other busy things to be doing – running amuck, destroying things and giving everyone a big fright.Love them or hate them, they will not be ignored! Their personalities are truly larger than life. Who else thinks the Indominus Rex was modeled on a rogue toddler?Curated from ParentNormal.com