5 utterly sexist products that should be banned right now!

Have you ever encountered road rage specifically directed towards women? Or felt deliberately ignored for promotions/projects at workplace because you are women?

That is misogyny. According to the dictionary misogyny means having a “dislike of, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against women.” And every woman has faced at one time or another.

Shopping site forced to take down product shaming women

That’s why we should celebrate the fact that a premium online shopping site was forced to take down a product just yesterday because a bunch of women protested. The said item, as you can see in the image was an ashtray. A seemingly innocuous item that doesn’t need to bring in the latent misogyny in the maker, but it did! Can you imagine anything more disgusting than having to grind away a burning stub of cigarette into a woman’s vagina?

Luckily the site was very decent about it. They apologised for their oversight and pulled down the product with an appropriate apology. In the past too, the site has been ticked-off for a product with the print of the tri-colour flag on a foot-mat. Uff, that one was a biggie and Sushma Swaraj gave a scathing warning to the site.

This is the offensive ashtray that brought out latent misogyny in the maker of the product

Cringe-inducing products that points at misogyny in society

We wish that was the last. Unfortunately the world has a history of making products that offends the very dignity of women. Take a look at these toilets. When the President of America, slanders women all over by calling them “grab them by the pussy”, it is hardly surprising that there should be toilets that are made for men to take a leak in women’s mouths.

To those who think that this is a joke, not to be taken seriously, I say. Get over it! You are either with feminism or you are the problem.

Any establishment should be ashamed of having such loos. Don’t they respect women at all?

There is an unemployed product designer somewhere!

Innocuous products can be turned into vile women-shaming

The vilest product we ever saw! Imagine the mind of the person who designed this product. Even a seemingly harmless product like a pencil sharpener can be turned into an instrument to offend women. Never mind that young children would in all probability be using this product and their impressionable minds would forever be corrupted by this ugly vision.

This excuse for a design should be banned!

Domestic abuse anyone?

Years of being involved in solving domestic abuse compels me to say one thing about it – it is much more common than you think. We should never joke about the psychologically damaging effects it has on the victims. That’s why this belt buckle caught our eye. “Don’t make me take my belt off!” is a warning that rankles in my mind.

Yet, is there another way of looking at it? Think about it and write-in. We are open to being wrong about this one.

Domestic abuser belt buckle rankles. But yes, it could mean other things too.


IF you want to see misogyny in advertisements, you just have to search on Google to get hundreds of links.