5 utterly new ways to capture your baby’s ‘awwww’ inspiring milestones!


With a baby around, every day is filled with seconds that are pure golden sunshine. The way a baby yawns showing pink gums or stretching those little arms straight up when they are being unswaddled. The first smile with eyes open and staring at mommy dearest is usually the day one parent will walk one inch above ground!

The happiness of having recording your baby’s milestones falls squarely on the shoulders of parents. But that can change. Here are a few novel ideas where you can enlist the help of relatives and friends.

Even if you have missed a couple along the way, start anytime you feel ready. These are short fleeting days that you are likely to miss, 10 years from now. Trust us on this!

1.Make a cloth book – Perfect to record milestones between 0 to 3 months.

cloth book 1

Cloth books are a great way to record the first three months of your baby’s life. This book can have the first dress your baby ever wore. Because the first couple of weeks are hard on a parent, just remember to put everything your baby first used in one old shoe box or bag. Dress, socks, shoes, first gifts by in-laws and parents, uncles, aunts, godfathers, godmother – pretty much all the first times' things can be put into this bag

       cloth book 3

Use bits and pieces of everything your baby used for your cloth book

2.Toy tube- Upto one year, this is a great milestone recorder!

The toy tube is really a transparent jar or tube that you can shake. Post three months is when babies tend to respond very well to toys that make noise or are really bright colours. Just take bits and pieces of all of your babies favourite bells and buttons, keys and put them in a plastic tube that rattles when you shake it!

toy tube 1

Take bits of the mobile and put them in your transparent tube.

3.Picture cards – Use this upto 2 years!

mile stone card

This is a simple collection of cards with pictures that accurately capture the moment your baby turned on his stomach or tried to inch forward. You can easily use this every other month after the baby is one year. Don't forget to record her first, categorical ‘No!’

mile stone card 2

You can choose your cards. They don’t have to be month wise. Try season wise.

4.Apps: Perfect for upto 4 years.

This is a great way to involve your extended family. In a typical Indian family, lots of people take videos of your baby. Ask them to collate and manage the pics and videos. The best one is through ‘instagram’ where one can open an account in the name of your baby and post videos and pictures with family and friends. Also, try moments garden or peekaboo for novel new ways to manage and store videos and pictures of your little one.

 Baby twin

5.Footprint in canvas: Watch in awe as your baby grows until 5 years.

footprints 1

Try taking a footprint of your baby every month on a large piece of canvas. All you need is a few meters of good quality canvas in cream or ivory colours. Next, paint your baby’s feet in child-friendly paints and place them on the cloth. If you take them every month in different colours by the time she is 12 months you’ll have an amazing collection of footprints!


Footprints on the canvas of time!

You can also record festival wise- like for example first Diwali or first Id.


Write in and tell us your innovative milestone recorders.