5 Unexpected Must-haves In Your Diaper Bag When You Go Out With Baby

And there are some in here you’d never have thought you needed.

You’re a pro now. You’ve been doing this baby thing for a while and you’re sure you’ve got the basics down. You have your trusted diaper bag and you’ve obviously stocked it with the usual diapers, wipes, hand sanitizer and stuff. But here are the things you didn’t know you needed, till you do.


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1. Change of clothes for baby and you

Sometimes the diaper bag is all about the baby. So much so that you have a set of clothes for them almost always. What happens if their accidents are on you? You’re left stinky the rest of the day. It only makes sense to pack an extra shirt for yourself. While you’re at it, throw in a couple of plastic bags to ball up the soiled clothes.

2. Medicines

Yes – whatever your baby is used to, take along a basic supply in your diaper bag. Diaper rash cream/nipple cream, Paracetamol, nasal aspirator, etc. If there’s a chance you may need it when you’re out of the house, you’d better pack it. Your diaper bag is your portable medicine cabinet too.

3. Stashed away cash

For emergencies, for when you forgot your purse and ran out of diapers, for a taxi fare, for whatever, stash away ₹ 500 some place, just in case. You’ll be thankful when you need it.


4. A snack

No, not for your baby, silly. That’s kinda obvious, what with the baby bottles and measured out formula/ breast milk. I mean for you. For those hunger pangs while shopping, or when driving. Have a healthy snack – a fruit, yogurt or an energy bar in the diaper bag – something that you can reach out and gobble for some insta-refresh.

5. A good quality diaper mat

Most people use the flimsy mat that comes with the diaper bag for changing nappies. Instead, consider investing in a more durable mar which can double up as a floor spread, as a makeshift blanket for the baby or even as a placemat for meals. They’re easy to clean and reuse.

What’s your number 1 essential?

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