5 truly fail-safe ways to keep your house dust-free

Cough cough. Sneeze. You’re indulging in that activity you know you have to do but you really don’t have the patience for. Sniffle. You have a hanky tied around your nose, but it’s nowhere as effective as a pollution mask would be. And the worst part? It’s never-ending. You’ll have to do the same thing again next week, or you’ll have to deal with twice as much dust when you pick up your cloth the time after. You groan at the thought. Is there no solution at all then?

There is. But only if you’re willing to make a few lifestyle changes. Trust me, they’ll be worth it once you finish.

1. Get rid of all the extra showpieces:

An ornate Krishna statue decorating your hall. An artificial creeper climbing up your wall. The shankha on your mantlepiece, the laughing buddha in your showcase. Get them all out. No, don’t bundle them in a plastic bag and put them up in the attic. Give them away once and for all. Keep only those things that are easy to take care of easily. If the Krishna statue, for instance, was a wedding gift, then you may retain it, but choose well, or you’ll deem every object in your house to hold sentimental value.

2. Keep open surfaces to a bare minimum:

Extra side tables, glass cases, unnecessary shelves all need to be put away. The more flat surfaces you have open to the sun, the more space there is for dust to settle upon. Even those horizontal spaces you really need, like your dining table, cover with tablecloths. Keep some extras, so you can take one off every week to wash, while you spread the other one on.

3. Cover up!

Nope, not telling you to wear a dupatta (never would). But teach your bookcases some modesty. If you have open shelves of any kind, fit glass doors that you can either snap or slide open. This will keep you from having to pull out every book, vase and ornament to dust with a cloth. Easy, right?

4. Invest in low-maintenance furniture:

If you like stuffed sofas and chairs, just keep one for yourself to sit in. But for the rest, buy simple, elegant wooden couches and armchairs that only need one sweep of your dust cloth every three months. Trust me, your house will look cleaner, less cluttered and much more habitable with these, instead of fixed upholstery, which is a breeding ground for dust mite. Also, the lack of carvings will be a definite relief; you won’t have to prise out dirt with cloth draped over your fingernail every alternate week.

5. Vacuum!

Somehow, in India, we’ve totally underestimated the efficiency of a vacuum cleaner. The only times we use it are when we want conduct a thorough cleaning of the house once a year. Instead of beating out the cushions on your sofa every few months and raising enough dust to cloud your lungs for months, just run the hose over them. Instead of brushing the mosquito meshes on your windows till both the inside and outside of your house is thick with particulate matter, fit the brush onto the hose and allow it to suction it all in. It’s quicker, it’s healthier. You’ll only have to empty the grime in the pouch into the dustbin afterwards.

So, try these out and let us know: do they work for you?