5 times you dare not try shapewear!

Its a college reunion and you see all the girls you were friends with as a teenager. While most are married and many have children, they all look fit and are flaunting flat abs under their short dresses. You stare balefully at your bulging midriff and wonder how.

If you’ve had more than one child the chances are that you are struggling with a belt of fat permanently jiggling around your lower gut. You’ve tried crunches and even attempted dieting but nothing seems to touch the ungainly stubborn pooch.  

It takes your closest pal to reveal the secret of shapewear. A skin coloured (although they come in a variety of colours) innerwear that is a band of elastic lycra running all across your mid section. Some shapewears are worn like pants. Step into them and heave with all you have, until you reach the tips of your ribs. Voila! The pants tighten your thighs, smoothen your hips and pick up your ass on their ascension. Your hanging pooch disappears within the tight bands of elastic and as you reach the northernmost point, squeezed up fat is also engulfed by the shapewear.

Magical as it sounds; it is not only real but is also likely to be the secret behind most of your friends looking buff and trim at the reunion.  While there are enough brands advertising on home shopping networks to help you buy their products very few will really tell you the what not to do. At zenparent.in we strive to bring you the other side of every story.

Here are the times you should stay away from the plastic boa constrictor around your gut.

1. When you are chumming

When you are on your period’s shapewear is a total pain. They are incredibly hard to take off if you want to adjust your menstrual cup or the position of your sanitary pad. Shapewears stain and are harder to bin unlike your traditional cotton panties when the stain refuses to come away. Reason – they are six times the cost of a nice cotton undy! Seriously... we checked!

2. If you are planning sex later

All women plan their sex. Married ones do and so do the ones who are dating. If you are planning to come home and so a soft strip tease (or even rip clothes right off your partner)  – be smart. Ditch the shapewear. They will ruin that sexy moment like no other! But it will be infinitely worse if your partner sees you peel off the garment that is holding the entire bulge in. One word- Avoid!

3. When it is peak summer

Because shapewear is always made with fabrics that are neither breathable nor healthy, they are a definite no-no when you are in the sultriest climates or are likely to be away from air-conditioned havens. They can make you uncomfortable and thereby counterproductive to the idea of looking cool and sexy. Word from the wise:  It is not sexy, if you are seen tugging at a particularly tight band of lycra digging into your backside.

4. When you have sensitive skin

A lot of women have sensitive skin some times of a month. Avoid the shapewear like the plague when you are going through those times. The demon will reduce you to a bundle of rashes in places you don’t even want the doctor to see.

5. When your dress is likely to fly

If you are likely to walk down a windy beachside, stay clear of shapewear. It is very uncool when your short floaty dress flies up to reveal a body that is manufactured through faux layers of clothing.

So next time you know when to avoid the dreaded bottom corset and when to happily show it off !