5 things you should look for (apart from a diaper rash) when you use disposable diapers.

Disposable diapers are so very convenient. When my kids were diapering age, I preferred to use them sparingly, mostly because I like to think I am environmentally conscious. But god, was it super convenient when I used disposable diapers! Travelling was easy, I could focus on other things for longer, the washing machine load wasn’t so high and, most of all, the kids were happy.

As with everything, however, there are things you need to keep in mind while using disposable diapers so that it gives you the best results, all around. Here’s what I learnt from diapering two active babies one after another.

1. Fit, fit, fit:

Never ignore the weight/age indication on the pack. From the very first time you buy a diaper, always pay attention to how they are classified, otherwise you’re going to have leaks, left right and centre. Once you put the diaper on your baby, you should be able to slide one finger between the waistband and the baby’s tummy. This is how you know it’s just right, not too tight, not too loose. Keeping it too tight will make the baby hate wearing diapers, and too loose means it will come off and you’ll have soiled clothes.

2. Getting the tabs right:

If you don’t follow the instructions for how to place the tabs when you put on the diaper for a baby, you’re going to have a child with scratches and bruises at the join of her thigh. You don’t want that. This also happens when you pick the wrong size, diaper too tightly, or place it wrong when you lay her down.

3. Timing is everything:

If you encounter rashes often, you’re probably keeping the diaper on longer than necessary. Whether the child complains or the diaper sags with all the absorbed pee, don’t wait for hours for a change. Kids tend to get use to walking around in loaded diapers otherwise.

4. Powder it or not?

Well, experts say don’t. We never question the wisdom of powdering the diaper area, do we? If you use talcum -- more and more doctors say not to -- on your child, keep it away from the diaper area. It blocks the absorbent layer, thereby not allowing the diaper to soak in the pee, leading to rashes, discomfort and eventually a wasted diaper.

5. Scent sense:

I personally don’t like scented diapers. Many children react to the fragrance, and it’s best to keep it out of diapers. This way, if there’s a rash or an allergy, you know what to look for; otherwise we never consider fragrance as a source of discomfort.

Keep your eyes peeled for these important markers when you diaper your baby, and you can be sure you’ll make diaper wearing really easy her.

This article was published in association with Teddyy’s Diapers.