5 Things you Hate, but is considered “Normal” Teen Behaviour

With the onset of teenage, both parents and children are thrown off by the raging hormones and the crazy mood swings.  Even though as a parent you brace yourself for some ‘off’ behaviour from your kid, when it actually happens you are not sure which of those behaviours is acceptable because of the age or which behaviour is a red flag that needs immediate attention and fixing!1. Lying It is more likely for your kid to lie as a teenager. They tend to get themselves into tricky situations and usually lie to get out of it.  As long as it is within “permissible” limits considering your own standards of what is right and wrong, keep reiterating the “honesty and integrity” thing, but don’t lose your head over it. They will grow out of it.2. Being Disrespectful It is normal for teens to groan when you ask them to do something, roll their eyes or grumble under their breath. Don’t take it too personally. They are struggling with control issues and feel a little helpless that they cannot be as independent as they would like to be. It is all a part of growing up and figuring out themselves.


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3. Being SelfishUnfortunately, teenagers are pretty selfish. They cannot think beyond their needs, wants and well-being. They tend to think the world revolves around them. It takes a few more years of evolution before they are able to come out of being self centered.4. Breaking the rules Teens tend to have that wild streak where they want to push the boundaries and bend/break the rules. They want to see what they can get away with. It is similar to toddlers who want to push the boundaries to see where the hard stops are. While no one is saying that this is a smart move, it unfortunately comes with the territory of having the underdeveloped emotional brain of a teenager!  5. Being FickleExpect your teen to feel very strongly about something on day 1 and exactly the opposite on Day 2. Factor this in when you are making large decisions for your teen. If he/she wants to try out something big, let it stew for a while and see how serious he/she is before you make any serious investment in them. If possible, back it up with a Plan B!!During the teenage years, it is not easy on both ends of the relationship. Teens feel they need more control and parents feel they have absolutely no control over this creature that was raised by them and yet seems to have suddenly sprouted not just wings but horns as well. Breathe Deep, grow a thick skin and buckle up for the Ride!