5 Things new moms should avoid to continue to have friends

So you were the first one in your circle to have a baby. A very exciting time for you since you were the first in your gang to experience pregnancy and delivery. But if you want to continue to have those friends in your life, avoid the following:
  1. Your Facebook looks like a photo journal of your baby’s life. You post and share every single detail of the baby which is, as hard as it is to imagine for you, really boring for your friends. They might put you on the “restricted” list to avoid this mind numbing stuff.
  2. So your baby has started gurgling and cooing- Do not take that as an invitation to put the phone near your baby every time your friends call. It is not that fascinating for them to listen to a baby making random noises.
  3. Yes, you were the first in your group. Everyone knows that- but don’t let every single detail of your pregnancy and delivery be the only topic of discussion with your friends. When they get pregnant they will ask you about it. You can share your infinite wisdom at that time. Avoid boring them with the details of a life that they cannot relate to.
  4. Too much celebrating: Yes, your baby rolled over, said her first word or sat on the potty on her own. Save it for your other mommy friends and spare your child less friends.
  5. Showing endless pics of baby on phone: When you meet your friends do you immediately take out your phone and show them the 200 pictures of your baby in it? Stop doing that. They won’t be able to say anything because they don’t want to be rude, but rest assured, it is not that entertaining for them. I have had two kids and even I find it rather boring to look at endless pictures of other’s babies
It is great if you still have access to your circle of friends after baby. Use that advantage to find a baby sitter for your kid and head out to catch some adult time with your friends. Don’t talk about the baby and instead, get caught up with what is happening in the world around you. Don’t shoo away your friends with your endless baby talk and annoying behaviour and lose the people who can be a whiff of sanity in your life ☺