5 Things I could learn from my Grandma

The times that we grew up in seem so different from the times that are today. Does every generation feel the same way? Or have the times moved lightning fast in the past few decades because of technology? When I was a child, my grandmother had a lot of say in what we did as children. She used to insist on a lot of things and in hindsight, I think it has worked out very well for us. But now we do not implement the same things with our children and I can definitely say that they are losing out on a lot of good stuff. Here are 5 things my grandmother used to insist:1. Oil your Hair: Every single day we had to oil our hair. We could not step out of the house without the hair being nicely plastered down with oil. I used to have thick luxurious hair. When I hit the college years, I became conscious of style and stopped oiling my hair and my hair has taken a downturn since then. Jet black glossy tresses are gone, replaced by dry brownish hair. I try to oil my daughter’s hair, but what I felt at college, she feels now about oiling at 13! Today, in the west, people are beginning to use Coconut oil and Shikakai for maintaining their hair! Not only is coconut oil a great moisturizer, it also has healing properties for the scalp and cooling properties for the entire body.

2. Oil your body: Once a week, we were mandatorily required to have the traditional “Oil bath”. Smear sesame oil all over the head and body and then take a hot bath. Sesame oil is said to have amazing benefits for skin and hair. The Vitamin E in sesame oil makes it a great nourisher. It also has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties making it an amazing hair and skin health promoting product. Once we were out to college, that practice also came to an end. I suddenly remember it these days and once in 3 months, I oil up my kids with sesame oil. But it is not a “must not miss” ritual like how it used to be!

3.Eat curd rice: Every meal has to be rounded off with curd rice.  Grand mom would not let us take the plate to the sink without at least a tablespoon of curd rice. Today, the beneficial properties of probiotics (The good bacteria in Yogurt) are being appreciated in its role of aiding digestion and our western counterparts are eating it in capsule form! By ritualising it as part of every meal, a good digestion was ensured. Today again, some of our meals do not have this element at all.

4.Drink Milk with turmeric: Every night before going to bed, kids had to drink warm milk with turmeric. Today turmeric, the essential ingredient in a lot of Indian cooking has been proven to have anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory properties. Drinking turmeric milk removes the toxins from your body, fights coughs, boosts immunity and even helps with join pains and headaches. Drinking this as a preventive concoction every night is way better than many of the “out of bottle” multivitamins that we feel comfortably swallowing. Nature’s cure over man made pills.


5.Ginger as a Cure all: Whether we had indigestion, head ache, nausea, cough, cold, grandma always reached for Ginger. She would make it into a “kashayam” (A concoction with Dried ginger, pepper and honey) and force us to drink it. Of course as children we hated it, but today I realise what a potent concoction it is. Today the world is discovering that Ginger indeed has amazing medicinal properties that can reduce cholesterol, improve arthritis and even fight cancer!!! Today, of course most of us are reaching for that paracetamol tablet or the Gelusil for indigestion when all we need is right there in our kitchen.


Whatever Grandma said and did is slowly being PROVEN as amazingly effective remedies by the western world. She did not have access to Google or research, but just followed our fantastic, scientifically brilliant traditions which many of us have simply stopped following due to our modern ways of life. It is time we went back to restarted those things for our children’s sakes so that they can have a more holistic, non-drug dependent futures!