5 Things Every Daughter Needs To Hear From Her Father

Daughters are usually the apple of their father’s eye. They share a very special bond and most fathers are ready to do anything for their little princess! Though fathers usually aren’t as good as mothers are in terms of expressing their love for their children, it is important that a daughters hears THESE WORDS from her father.

You are beautiful:  Call it a woman’s Achilles heel, but every female needs to hear this. And the earlier she hears it the stronger her belief and greater her self confidence. We are not talking just physical beauty here. Communicate that your daughter is beautiful inside and out. Praise her when she is beautiful by being kind to others, patient with her siblings, helping her mother and of course, when she dresses up. Give her the unshakeable confidence that she is beautiful and deserves the best.


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I am here: Kids always seek their parent’s approval no matter how rebellious they may seem to be. Give your child the gift of unconditional love by showing her that you are there for her even when she messes up occasionally. Tell her repeatedly that you have her back and that she can count on you to always be there for her.


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Go ahead: She may hesitate to pursue her wild dreams. She may want to trod on the unbeaten path- A road not taken. Give her a positive boost by encouraging her. Believe in her dreams. Your unwavering support will give her the strength to make her dreams a reality.


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I am proud of you: Tell her explicitly that you are proud of her. Do not assume that “of course she knows”. It is such a source of strength and support to hear that we make our parents proud. Give her that joy when she makes you proud.

No: Last, but not least, at the right moments, put your foot down and say “No”. Girls do tend to have their daddies wrapped around their little fingers and sometimes can try to get away with a lot by putting on a sad face or smiling sweetly. But if you think she might not be making the best decision, or she could get into danger, say NO. That is our job as a parent too!

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